Will Schumacher (25 Apr 2012)
"reasons to look at pentecost for the rapture"


Are there reasons to think that Pentecost could be when the church is raptured


Every pentecost the book of Ruth is read. Ruth is symbolic of the gentile church redeemed by Christ(Boaz)


God and Israel were betrothed to each other at Mt Sinai in Exodus 19 on pentecost.


The church was born on Pentecost.


Enoch, a clear example of the rapture, was born on Pentecost and died on Pentecost.  He very well could be a type of the church-born and raptured on Pentecost.


It has become tradition to stay up all night on pentecost and study the torah. I read it started around 1530.  Did God know this tradition would start on HIS feast day. Of course.  I find it interesting that 1 thess 5:6-7 when Paul is talking about the rapture he says let us not sleep as others do for those who sleep do their sleeping at night


There are 3 harvests in Israel –barley, wheat, grapes.  Barley is the spring festivals beginning with first fruits.  Wheat begins at Pentecost as the feast of first fruits. The grape harvest begins with the fall feasts.


Christ was the first fruits and once they were offered the barley harvest began.  Barley is separated by wind-I believe symbolizing the Holy Spirit indwelling us.  This is the church age.  The church age ends when the barley harvest ends and the wheat begins-pentecost.


At http://www.templeinstitute.org/shavuot.htm there is an excellent article on Pentecost.  It explains that the wheat is separated by a tribulum-the great tribulation.  However the tribulum is not used on the wheat in the two loaves being lifted and waved (rapture) at Pentecost.  This then starts the wheat harvest-those saved through the great trib.  And of course the grapes is Rev 14:19-20-the winepress of the wrath of God-the days of awe from tishri 1 to tishri 10.