Will Schumacher (24 Apr 2012)
"2 potential significant events of april, 11, 2012"

I pray that if this post is of Christ that you will be blessed by it and understand it. I pray that if this post is false and I am making something out of nothing that you will be impressed by the Spirit to completely disregard this.

Because of Sept 23, 2015 many people were looking at April 11 , 2012 to see what would happen since it is 1260 days beforehand.

Because Daniel divides the 69 sevens into 62 sevens and 7 sevens and we have 7x7 or 49 360 day years (what many people call prophetic years) from June 7, 1967 (Jerusalem) to Day of Atonement –Sept 23, 2015 and the 4 eclipses on feast days surrounding 2015 many people are excited about the times we are in and specifically that date.

Revelations talks about 42 months and 1260 days before the 2nd advent of Christ. Both of these numbers are therefore associated with the 2nd advent of Christ.

Exactly 42 jewish years before Sept 23, 2015 was the Yom Kippur War. Very interesting

So back to April 11 2012-1260 days before 9-23-15.

There are 2 events that happened that grabbed my attention.

#1 –

Dec 26, 2004 Tsunami-at least 230,000 people died-One of the most horrific days we have ever seen.

On April 11, 2012 there were 2 earthquakes over 8.0 that resulted in tsunami warnings in the exact same place as this earthquake.

From Dec 6, 2004 to April 11, 2012 is 2663 days or 2664 days inclusive.

2664=4x666 or 3 x888(gematria of Jesus)

Extremely interesting that God would choose to put those 2 large earthquakes in the same spot 1260 days before 9-23-15 and use the number 666 and/or 888 as the increment between the 2.

2663=411 + 1841 + 411

Numbers seem to be brackets of numbers also. 4-11=411 and 1841 is the gematria of antichrist in the new testament. As if to say antichrist is hidden in 4-11.


On 4-11 there was another news story about 9 Peru miners trapped for 6 days 656 ft below ground being rescued.

656=gematria for Messiah

This was 546 days from the Chile miners being rescued through a 2041 ft tube.(G0629=redemption=gem 2041)

Both seem to be pictures of resurrection and/or rapture.

The first questions I asked myself after seeing these things is if the 9-23-15 timeline is true still

1-where is the throwing down of satan.

2-where are the 2 witnesses.

I do not have good answers for either. My belief is that the 1260 days are not symbolic but I could be wrong. My expectation for 4-11 was to see some type of big earthquake marking it (and where it happened is so extremely interesting) and to see someone politically to be highlighted in Jerusalem or pertaining to Jerusalem. Now it was widely reported that there was a quartet meeting on 4-11.

My belief is that the future antichrist is not revealed until after the rapture. I also don’t believe the time of Jacob’s Trouble starts until sept 16,17 , 2012-Feast of Trumpets. An idiom for the feast of Trumpets is the Time of Jacob’s trouble. From Sept 16, 17 2012 until 9-23-15 matches the 1102 days that Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated the temple in 167-164 bc. So I had no expectation of the antichrist being revealed to the world that day although I looked at it as the beginning of satans 1260 days.

Remember that Christ was given 3 ½ years but His ministry with miracles was only 3 years. A jewish hour is 1080 parts or 3 x 360. Christ said His “hour” had not come yet in John 2:4. Rev 17:12 says the 10 kings will receive authority with the beast for 1 hour also.

One thing that I have always reminded myself of is that when Christ came the first time, nothing was as expected. There is an expectation that when the 2 witnesses are given authority for the 1260 days, that they are going to come down with a loud shout and doing great wonders right away. The bible never specifically states that. There could be 2 guys walking around in dirty clothes saying the messiah is coming back and repent. The people in Israel could be saying we have been hearing that from you wackos for the last 40 years and completely ignoring them. When antichrist is revealed then they are revealed also.

It is entirely possible that what we expect to see based on what we have been taught or believe is not accurate-just as it was not accurate 2000 years ago.