Steve W (2 Apr 2012)
"2008-2015 Timeline.... The moment of truth"

Dear Doves,
Well, here we are. Down to the final week before the midpoint (April 11th) of the 2008-2015 timeline. Soon we will know. Will it be a glorious rapture or another failed eschatological theory ?
As a believer in the 2008-2015, and so eloquently laid out by Ron Reese and Mathman, I must say I thought we would have been gone(raptured)
by this point. But our reasoning is veiled . We just can't know all of what God has planned. Our most astute logical analysis of the timeline
is anemic when compared to God's wisdom and ways. For all the in depth articles and findings of this theory that fellow Doves have reported and shared since 2008,
giving compelling reasoning for this timeline, none of us can be 100% certain that we have unlocked the mystery of Daniel's final week.
But we shall soon see. We all hope it's true, but doubt lingers. It's only natural. We've been down this familiar road before. Though this particular road seems like it's heading
for the real deal. I have been persuaded by the detailed,factual,and logical analysis of Ron Reese and Mathman. I know I am not alone. Whether this theory pans out or not,
have you ever seen such a detailed analysis of a timeline? I certainly haven't. Whether you are in Reese's and Mathman's camp or not, you have to admire the extraordinary
effort,time,and courage they have displayed. We should all applaud their efforts.
But where will we be next week ? Will we be in heaven with Jesus, or will we be speculating here at Doves about the next Jewish feast as a possible Rapture date? Well, I'm excited.
I'm hopeful. But I'm realistic as well. God has it all planned out the way He sees fit. So our hope should not be in a Rapture this week, but a wonderful Savior that took on all our sins upon Him
 so that we may not be subject to His wrath. He has saved us! We are His, deeply loved and precious. Soon enough we will be home. But until that day, let's continue to
do the next right thing. Walk in humility with much love for all the brethren. Yes, even the ones that don't agree with us on all theological points. Especially the ones
that at times can say and do hurtful things. Love does cover a multitude of sins.
 I Look forward to meeting you fellow Doves. Whether in a few days or a few years, it will be glorious. Until then, let's continue to fight to the end. Pray for strength. Pray for hope.
Pray for faith and love. Remember, it's all about Jesus !
Blessings to all Doves,
Steve W.