Steve Mullin (16 Apr 2012)
"To Marilyn Agee & Doves: Scripture and the Rapture"

Hey all,
So I think we are all seeing the puzzle pieces coming together slowly. I guess my main question to Marilyn is, what do you personally think the reason in scripture is for all of the specifics of the Second Passover and also the specifics of the account of Noah? If wisdom is double and that which has been will be, why would God even mention the Second Passover that is held 30 days after the first Passover due to either being unclean by touching a dead body (Jesus?) or being on a far journey (We are far from heaven while on earth)? What would be its fulfillment?
Secondly, the Bible is so specific about the account of Noah including the day he entered, was shut in, rain and waters of the deep breaking, 5 months of 30 days or 150 days sailing, when it came to rest, etc. Though God said he would never destroy the earth again by water, there is an obvious reference to the rapture in Jesus's statement about the rapture happening "as in the days of Noah". So why all the details about the flood? And how do you think that fits into the rapture and end times timeline?
Interesting to me is that the Second Passover would happen on the 2nd month 14th day (30 days after the 1st Passover) and Noah's ark sailed on the 2nd month 17th day. Also though I can't recall the specifics, I believe God called Moses up the mountain after 47 days (equivalent to 2nd month 17th day). I think there is a specific purpose for all of the stories in scripture and am just trying to figure out how they will all come together.
I guess final point I wondered about is why Passover would/could be the fulfillment of the first group of people or firstfruits. Throughout scripture we find that the 8th day is also representative of a new beginning after the completion of the 7 days. To me, the fulfillment of Passover as the 8th major feast could make sense. I don't believe it's coincidence that a sideways 8 is the symbol for infinity as well, representative of patterns that can be repeated forever. Would like to hear anyone's response as we all search. Thanks.
Steve Mullin