Steve Coerper (4 Apr 2012)
"Re:  "The Church can only go on First fruits""
Dear John and Doves:
Miriam Howard has written a compelling study that differentiates the various "first fruit" offerings and makes a persuasive case that the rapture of the church MUST occur on the First Fruits observance  following Passover.  Tom Gaston wrote an introduction and sent it to me; I took the liberty of posting it.
IF Miriam is right, the next question is:  when is First Fruits properly observed in the spring?  I checked Google and Leviticus and saw a date proposed but no clear formula.  However, we know that Jesus was crucified on Passover and was three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.  Playing forward from Passover (which begins at sunset on Friday evening in Jerusalem) would mean that First Fruits begins on Monday evening and lasts all day Tuesday (again, Jerusalem time).
Tuesday is the "day of double blessing" and the traditional day for Jewish bridegrooms to gather their brides and have the wedding.
Counting forward from Wednesday, April 11th to Yom Kippur in 2015 is exactly 1,260 days.
Hope to see you all soon.
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