Randy (21 Apr 2012)
"What a Believe I KNOW....for SURE!"

In 14 years of learning about the End Times, here's what I think I KNOW!
1) THIS IS "the" Generation that will see the Return of Jesus Christ
2) Why is that?  Becuase the state of Israel was REBORN in 1948, just as the Bible said!
3) There will be a PRE-trib Rapture of the Church, and we will be part of the marriage Supper of the Lamb of God
4) There will be a 7 year Tribulation Period......where God will do 2 things:  First He will use this period to bring the Jews to know Jesus Christ as their Messiah and Second, He will judge the world left behind on earth at that time.  This will lead to the Battle of Armegeddon, just before Christ returns.
About THIS year, 2012.  What I think......and what I HOPE.
1) I think Israel will attack Iran THIS year.  Probably within the next 4 months.  Certainly before the US Elections???  If not, then certainly after the elections, before the end of the year.  How much longer can they wait, before their "red line" is crossed by Iran?
2) I HOPE the Rapture is THIA year, 2012. 
What I'm NOT so sure about.
1) The Exact Day for the Rapture (Although I do think it could be THIS year......and even could be ON Rosh Hashanah in mid Sept this year.  See post: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/apr2012/randy411-1.htm
2) Exaclty when Israel will attack Iran....or IF that event ushers in everything else we are anticipating.  (ie, the destruction of Damascas?  The Rapture??  though I do hope so!) 
3) I don't know that I beleive Obama is the A/C....  maybe....maybe not.  He certainly is UNLIKE any other president we have ever had!
What IS true, though, is that he has ALOT of BAD policies toward Israel.....and in collusion with the Muslims (ugH!)....and his policies toward some type of reconcilliation with Iran....and Egypt.....and other muslim countires JUST WILL NOT WORK!!! 
4) I don't believe, as some do on Five Doves, that we are ALREADY IN the Tribulation....just my opinion.   
Some questions I have: (Just what's on my mind now.....)
1) What's with the Executive Orders recently being signed that give the President (Obama or ANY future president) such TOTAL CONTROL.  Like # 13603.
What is this all about????????????????????????????
What is he expecting to happen that would require the necessity of this???
Here is a commentary on it:  http://kaygranger.house.gov/weekly-enewsletter-executive-order-you-should-know-about
What's going on?????
2) Why are the stock markets in US and Europe still going UP?  Doesn't everybody KNOW....."THE END IS NEAR?" .... lol....
Pardon my rant today.....maybe because it's Friday? Maybe becuase work is an over challange.....and has just lost it's FUN...whatever.......wah!!
PS.....maybe this is a "therapeutic day" for me!!  lol.......
Ahhhhhh...at least "I" feel better now......lol......