Randy (21 Apr 2012)
"SPAIN WILL need a Bailout........(article)  Not IF....but WHEN!   And yet the markets go up!"


Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has repeatedly said Spain doesn't need or want an international bailout, and the European Union, which along with the IMF has already rescued Greece, Ireland and Portugal, also dismisses such talk.
My comment:
MARK MY WORDS.......there will be MORE bailouts.  And the markets WILL react (downward) once again, as they have.......having been LED down by the problems in Europe/Greece in 2010 (May) and in 2011 (July-Sept) ....
Remember when they were talking about a Greek bailout a few years back...and everybody said "No.......that won't be necessary!"
What goes around, comes around......
And the dominoes....are all lined up.  Just waiting for what?  For the Rapture.
Rapture in 2012?  By or on Rosh Hashanah, mid Sept 2012?  If so, now there is LESS THAN 5 months to go!  Oh, let's hope!