Pineman (14 Apr 2012)
"2012 Has Been Front-Loaded With End of the Church Age Memes"

Dear John & Fellow Watchers:

David Flynn found it necessary to correct Isaac Newton's end-time calculations given that the year 2060 is too far off of most everybody's eschatological studies. Israel will be 112 by then! ( Because of the 10 nation prophecy in Daniel, as applied to world government; allowing the emergence of the AC, some watchers feel that Daniel's 70th Week is years away. Unless there is an acceleration, this of course is true. Most realize that the Restrainer has to be removed before the NWO can accelerate and complete their goal. The "Departure" is first and then the AC is revealed. Even then it takes another 1260
days, once the Covenant is confirmed, before his power is consolidated. It is entirely feasible that events could transpire as outlined below. As far as the Psalm 83 & Gog Magog war(s) are concerned I think the jury is still out as to present and ultimate meanings. 

Using the day for a year theory Flynn started the 1260 year count on A.D. 753 instead of A.D. 800, which was Newton's start year. Flynn's rationale was Biblically based using the concept of bisection. Since physical Rome was founded in B.C. 753, spiritual Rome was hence founded in A.D. 753 ( 753
+ 1260 = 2013). Is there such a thing as the "law of reflection"? Does a pivotal date reflect both backwards & forwards? I've seen this mirroring idea discussed on Five Doves a few times.

We are moving toward, what I believe , is another pivotal date; one that is on the world's (and George Noory's, Tom Horn's, Steve Quayle's et al) radar screen.  That date, of course, is December 21, 2012, front-loaded with end of the Church age memes. But what of the back end? According to the 2013 - 2020 tribulation timeline (not complicated but highly precise) the real AntiChrist confirms the Covenant
40 weeks later, on Simchat Torah 2013.  And what of the resurrection & rapture of the Church?

From December 21, 2012, days are distributed over a 280 day period backwards as well as forwards, a negative 40 weeks and a positive 40 weeks. Within that distribution is another distribution; 140 days in either direction, 20 weeks in the positive direction and 20 weeks in the negative. A few days prior to the negative 280 day distribution, which we passed in March of this year, Clif High of the Webbot project documented the beginnings of the data gap, which was initially set to begin on 12/21/2012. (The Webbot Project is a predictive model, based on a massive internet linguistic data base, that is not 100%; just as dreams & visions that emerge from the subconscious mind are not 100%). We have already entered the mirror image of the 280 day birth pang period.

The rapture of the Church could very well occur at the end of the positive 20 week distribution, which just so happens to be Ascension Thursday, 2013 at which time a solar eclipse is projected to occur. It is at that time that both the solar storms of Biblical proportions (Carrinington Event) as well as the end of the data gap are also predicted.  Solar Cycle 24, the one we're in now, ends in 2020; the projected end of Daniel's 70th Week and the beginning of the Reign of Jesus Christ.   

When we head into early August of 2012 we will enter into the beginning of the negative 20 week distribution; the festival of Lammas, a strange mix of Christian & Pagan, is celebrated at that point!


PS:  Today is T minus 253 days (as they use to say during the ramping up to the APOLLO Space Launches).