Ola Ilori (19 Apr 2012)
"40 Day witness could begin on Friday the 20th of April 2012!"

Hi Doves,
I was expecting the Rapture to occur on Sunday the 8th of April 2012. Then I believed that some glorified saints would return 12 days later, on the 20th of April 2012, to begin a 40 Day witness ministry.
On the completion of their work, they would then return to Heaven on Wednesday the 30th of May 2012.
The Rapture didn't occur on the 8th of April 2012, as expected.
It could be that the Lord will resurrect and translate His saints on Friday the 20th of April 2012, leaving some saints on earth in their glorified bodies to witness to people for 40 Days.
Could it be that those left on earth are the 144,000 saints we read of in the Book of Revelation?
Many saints have already been informed, and have therefore been sealed, to remain on earth for 40 days!
Note this Christian brother's dream:
Here is what the “dream while not asleep” was:

· I was told that the end of the church is very near.
· I was told that the saints would be taken soon
· I was told that I was to remain behind for 40 days to witness to people about what had just happened.
· I said that I am not a public speaker or preacher and don’t know a lot of scripture, in response to that I was told that the Holy Spirit would talk through me, I really just had to stand there and let Him work through me.
· I was told that I would have a “new body” that no one could hurt.
· I was told that 2 angels would be with me at all times. I was even told their names, but I cannot remember what they were. The names weren’t English like “Bill” or “Bob” though.
· I was told that any person I could lead to Jesus (even though the Holy Spirit was doing all the work) would become a “treasure” for me once the 40 days were over.
· I was told that I would be able to see the hearts of those who were listening. All would be black, but some would be so black that they would not listen and they would try to prevent “me” from speaking.
· I was told that those that would try to prevent the Holy Spirit from speaking through me would be killed either by me or the angels.
· I “saw” me and another man just like me hugging and we discussed “teaming up” then decided we could reach more people separately. I believe I saw this to let me know I would not be the only one asked to do this.
· I was asked if I would do this for my Lord, and of course I said yes. Then I heard “you are sealed”.
· I asked if I could share what I had just heard and He said yes I could share it with anyone.

I was told that this was my purpose.
Do remain blessed,