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"Nobody Reads my Blog cartoon by Jim Davis “Garfield”"


April 1, 2012 Nobody Reads my Blog cartoon by Jim Davis “Garfield”

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There is a burden in my spirit these days and that is the subject of this article. Many times I have thought about the importance of writing it and what is the purpose.
these are my thoughts, and I am passing them along to you the reader.
Many years ago I realized that the prophets of the Bible were predicting a future date of judgement for the world when Jesus would purge sin and rebellion from the world and after would establish a kingdom of 1,000 years where He will reign with an iron rod.
The destruction and suffering that was predicted seared my spirit and as a Christian it is a duty of followers of the Gospel of salvation to reach as many people as possible with the hope of bringing the message of salvation to as many unsaved people as possible.
This blog has information on a multitude of subjects and some are not related to the message of the Word of God but are important to the welfare of individuals.
Most of you do not know who I am and this is my choice, I seek no glory or fame or anything that humans can bestow on me and will hear criticism when done without offensive language or insinuations.
Two things are my main concern the first is to warn anybody that listens of the coming 7 year period of Tribulation and what this means. The second is that those who believe and obey Jesus Christ will be taken from the world before the 7 years begin.
To accomplish these objectives I need the readers help and this you can do by reference and word of mouth.
Even if some of the things you read in here are not all acceptable to your point of view just think that I am showing you a new perspective or point of view to think about.
In today’s comics there is one cartoon that motivated this post: Garfield by Jim Davis and here it is.
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