Mike Curtiss (9 Apr 2012)
"Hamas leader admits 'Palestinian' identity is invented"

Dear Doves,

          Seldom do we hear truth telling in our media driven world. We have grown so moribund and
lethargic when it comes to the study and knowledge of world history, we step right in 'it' without a safety net. When we actually see a candidate reach out and touch the 'third rail' of politics, we should rise up and applaud.
          We have so many 'sacred cows' it's impossible to speak without offending somebody the hard left pretends to protect. We're not allowed to say that black on white crime makes up 50% of all those in prison for violent crime. Likewise 'hate crimes' can only be associated with 'white folks', because everyone knows that black people are so downtrodden and race conscious that they can't possibly be racist, or perpetrators of hate crimes.
           When it comes to creation of new jobs, the Federal Government arbitrarily places every piece of land
into environmental ecologic preserves; the coal industry can't mine and the oil industry can't drill. When is this Regime actually prepare a budget? Did you know that this Regime has never proposed an annual budget, because BO and his extra-Constitutional czars are too busy ruining the economy to be fiscally responsible.
            Should Jesus tarry long, we'll have to remain steadfast and ready to defend ourselves for the lawlessness to come. I was invited to attend a BO militia training program next weekend. I will report back to you what I learn there. Suffice it to say riots are on the menu. BO can't run on his ruinous record, so he's got to create an environment of fear and intimidation that will bring out the voters. I suspect the Trayvon Rave-on was exploited to energize his base of black supporters. It's unfortunate that BO and company have to exploit this tragedy to promote racism for their re-election. Already, a 76 year old man white man living in Sanford FL was beaten to death by a cowardly gang of six black males, who were heard by witnesses to say that this brutal beating was for what happened Trayvon.
             I find it inconceivable that a sitting US president would over rule local law enforcement by making both public comments off the cuff that were both racist and incendiary. Tonight, I bring the lifeless body of a innocent Great Grandfather and place it upon your doorstep Mr. Obama, exactly where it belongs.


                                                                         Mike Curtiss

Hamas leader admits 'Palestinian' identity is invented (Newt was Right)
israel today ^ | April 03, 2012 | Ryan Jones

US Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has come under a lot of fire for saying that the "Palestinians" are an invented people. Most have ridiculed Gingrich by pointing out there are clearly millions of Arabs living in so-called "Palestine."
But Gingrich wasn't talking about the physical presence of those people today, but rather the national identity they have adopted and the fact that most immigrated to the land not so long ago.
In a televised address on Al-Hekma TV last week, Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad basically backed up Gingrich's assessment, acknowledging that the roots of most "Palestinians" are elsewhere in the Middle East, and that the Palestinian label is only a thin veneer.
Those pushing for a Palestinian state try to paint the Palestinian Arabs as somehow distinct from the Arabs round-about, and therefore in need of their own state. Not so, said Hammad. "Every Palestinian, in Gaza and throughout Palestine, can prove his Arab roots - whether from Saudi Arabia, from Yemen, or anywhere. We have blood ties."
More than that, Hammad stated that the true regional background of most "Palestinians" is not in "Palestine."
"Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis," exclaimed the Hamas minister.
Hammad's remarks were undoubtedly never intended for a Western audience. Rather, he was pleading with Egypt and other neighboring states to supply Hamas-ruled Gaza with free fuel, which Hammad said Hamas would use "in order to continue to wage Jihad."
[h/t Elder of Ziyon - http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2012/04/hamas-leader-half-of-palestinians-are.html]