Mike Curtiss (6 Apr 2012)
"Zero Even Taints My Home Town"

  Dear Doves,              

        The even darker image appeared here in my hometown of Glen Ellyn IL. where the Ayer's Family proudly boasted of paying the Harvard tuition and nurtured little Zero among the 1% community.
        The mailman remembers meeting a young openly Marxist black kid spewing out venom against the white suburbanites. To his credit this Vietnam veteran wouldn't bite on Barry's class warfare poison. The mailman, I spoke with said that Zero told him, he would someday become President of the United States!
         Unless Bozo has extra-human powers to know the future, or we are dealing with a demon. My research has taken me on a tour around the world to all the evil satanic shrines known and unknown to man.
          I broke the story of Zero's pilgrimage to satan's throne room on display in Berlin before Zero had won a single primary. After visiting with the source of ultimate evil, he never lost another primary and Hillary couldn't get out of her own way, or do anything right!
          Every illegal vote fraud system on the planet, money by the billions will pour in from the Sunni Moslems, the Russian Oligarchs, Wall Street Banking Houses and the devil himself. Eric Holder will pull every trick he knows and commit every crime imaginable to re-elect this Monster POTUS.
Without the USA, the world will enter a new Dark Age where islam will conquer by the sword the remainder of europe and the USA.

                                                               Even so Come Lord Jesus,

                                                                                                     Mike Curtiss