MathMan (20 Apr 2012)
"Why I am still hopeful for the 2015 Return of Jesus!!"


Dear Doves,


I would like to thank Tyra very much for your encouragement to “keep the math” coming.  This is a given, of course, as I have been programmed to do just that.


However, providing more mathematics will not be the purpose of this post.  Rather, it is to give you all an update on current developments.


As many on this website are aware of, Ron Reese, Gerry Almond, I and several others are firm proponents of a 2008 – 2015 Timeline.  The mathematics and Tetrads pointing towards 2015 are just too great to give up on this timeline, especially when viewed alongside with significant events such as the rise of President Obama as the perfect Anti-Christ at just the perfect time.


As Ron and Gerry pointed out yesterday, there is reason for our continued hope in the 2008 - 2015 timeline and THEREFORE, more importantly, our very real hope to expect a VERY SOON Rapture due to the resulting nearness of the Great Tribulation.  Now, of course, the Rapture remains imminent and always has been for almost 2000 years, but what I mean to do is to provide a very real mathematical reason to hope for the Rapture to be REALLY soon.


While some may say we are simply being optimistic in order to try to keep the 2008-2015 timeline alive, I personally believe that the timeline should live on due to substantial and logical reasons for it to continue to do so.  If these reasons didn’t exist, I would feel absolutely NO OBLIGATION at all to further such a timeline.  I still believe this timeline is applicable, AND have substantial reasons to believe so, or I wouldn’t continue with this communication.


So perhaps this leads to another logical question?  Exactly what is my personal “deadline” before I will FINALLY put the 2008-2015 timeline to bed forever?  For me, the 2008-2015 timeline will crumple completely if we are still here after sunset in Jerusalem on June 26, 2012, UNLESS there are MAJOR Biblical events, and not just weather phenomena, EQs, etc., that occur between now and June 25th that would OVERWHELMINGLY tell us otherwise.


However, I do not personally believe we will make it as far as June 25th before we get called to our wedding!!  Regardless of our varying perspectives, I have no doubt that most of us will agree that we will be Raptured in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!!  Truly our time is running short!!  Keep looking up!!  Won’t be long now!!  MARANATHA!!


YbiC, MathMan