Luis Vega (23 Apr 2012)
"Pentecost 2012 - A Numerical Analysis"


Pentecost 2012
A Numerical Analysis        
In Relationship to the Symmetry of the Golden Ratio & Menorah

By Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study & chart (see link above) is to look at the peculiar day-count patterns centered around Pentecost 2012. There appears to be several numerical associations & symmetry in relationship to repeating number sequences & certain astronomical events surrounding the Feast of Pentecost. One such pattern involves a very symmetrical (13, 6-2, 6-2, 13) day-count. There will also be an association presented that correlates the number of the 153 Fish caught by the Disciples in John 21 to the number of 120 Disciples gathered in the Upper Room on Pentecost in Acts 2.

Pentecost of 2012 will coincide with the Jewish Spiritual Calendar of May 26 as was Passover between the Gregorian & Jewish counting. At sunset on May 26, Jerusalem time, Pentecost will be very unique in one primary aspect. The Feast of Pentecost will be ‘bracketed’ between a Solar & Lunar Eclipse. Could this symmetry be signaling that this Pentecost of 2012 is going to be a very special one? These assertions may be pure speculation but the illustration is amazing The order of the astronomical events leading up to & after Pentecost 2012 are as follows:

1) The Total Solar Eclipse of May 20
2) The Partial Blood Moon of June 4
3) The Transit of Venus on June 5-6


33 days: from May 1 to Partial Lunar Eclipse Jun 4

33 days: from the start of the Venus Retrograde to Summer Solstice June 20

33 days: from June 1 to July 4th

(3+3) (3+3) (3+3) = 6 - 6 - 6

The Menorah Effect
As my prior studies can attest to, I am very much fascinated with the symbology of the Menorah & the mathematical principle of phi
φ or the Golden Ratio in patterns. In terms of the Menorah, each branch of the Menorah can represent multiple layers of meaning. Several of the attributes allude to the primary 7 colors, of light, of the Planets, of the days of the week, the senses, peculiar Psalms, & the Church Age, etc.

Other studies have carefully mapped out & have suggested that the Church-Age (see link) corresponds to each of the 7 Churches of the Book of Revelation. The 7 Churches, in particular then correspond to the 7 stems of the Menorah. Could then the Feast of Pentecost possibly correspond to the ‘gap’ between the 1st 3 & the last 3 stems of the Menorah with the Resurrection/Rapture -denoted by the 4th Menorah Stem? Some studies suggest so, others don’t.


For the purposes of this Pentecost study, you can nonetheless impose a ‘Menorah’ icon to scale onto a current timeline presented. (see graphic)  You can place the Menorah dimensions onto the timeline. One of the Menorah ends will correspond to the Full Moon on May 5, 2012 on a timeline. The last stem of the Menorah will correspond to the New Moon on June 18, 2012. These Menorah proportions will place the time-frame of the 2-Day Feast of Pentecost right down the middle from the corresponding end stems -as the ‘center 4th stem.’

It appears that the typology of the Feast of Pentecost does indeed correspond to the 4th Feast in the series of the 7 Feasts of the LORD that corresponds. It appears that the Feast of Pentecost correlates to prophetic time – a schedule of prophecy that is unfolding. The 4th Center Servant Stem of the Menorah has yet to prophetically be completed; it is currently ‘being’ fulfilled. Thus Pentecost 2012 perhaps many correspond to the time, if not in this year, to a future time when the ‘Gap’ between it & the last 3 Feast of the LORD is to proceed & be fulfilled. The 1st 3 Feasts have been literally fulfilled by the LORD Jesus Christ in His 1) Death at Passover, 2) Burial at Unleavened Bread & 3) by His Resurrection at First-Fruits.

The last 3 Feasts have yet to have a literal fulfillment; that of Trumpets, Tabernacles & Booths. Thus the ‘gap’ that has lasted over 2000 years is what many see it as the needed fulfillment before the Prophet Daniel’s 70th week of years is to be completed. This fulfillment would take place at a Pentecost Feast -if one subscribes to this view of interpretation. Perhaps the last 3 will thus likewise be successively fulfilled at His 2nd Advent –which have to happen after the Resurrection/Rapture of the Church.

On one point, eschatological scholars & researchers agree, that the Feasts of the LORD are a dress-rehearsal of sorts & a type & shadow of a much larger significance. These Feast of the LORD serve as object lessons for His people & the world to understand the Plan of Redemption as the LORD purposed in Jesus Christ.

The Golden Ratio
For Pentecost 2012, there appears to be a geometric pattern with dimensions in terms of ‘time.’ This 2012 Feast of Pentecost is also encompassed by 2 symmetrical Golden Ratio proportions in relation to the Eclipses. One Golden Ratio can be configured from the Total Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 to the 1st Day of Pentecost. The 2nd Golden Ratio occurs from the 2nd Day of Pentecost to the Partial Lunar Eclipse of Jun 3-4th 2012.

Interestingly, the 2 Golden Ratio proportion lines come to configure an ethereal ‘pyramid’ with Pentecost at its center of time -between the 2 Ratios. (see chart) The timing of Pentecost directly bisects the mid-section of the geometric pyramid constituted by the 2 symmetrical Golden Ratio time proportions. There is a 3rd Golden Ratio proportion as well. From the end of the 2nd Day of Pentecost to when Venus reaches the end of the Retrograde & arrives at the end of the Horns of Taurus, it will be July 4, 2012.


Allowing for some poetic license in interpretation, the ‘picture’ of the Holy Spirit coming down on Pentecost is what the Feast is all about, of an in-gathering of the LORD’s Disciples, a harvest even. This pyramid imagery can seemingly depict the ‘Dove’ or Holy Spirit as if it is coming down from the top of the Pyramid. A Rapturing perhaps? From this imagery, the Holy Spirit appears to be coming down to rest on the pyramidium apex -as a picture of completing the pyramid. Could this Pentecost Pyramid foreshadow the other ethereal pyramid that the Transit of Venus that will likewise configure when it traverses up* the Horns of Taurus & reach the apex of that pyramid around July 1, 2012. (see Eye of Lucifer chart here). *Or down depending on your point of view & angle of perspective.

Will this time around the Feast of Pentecost signal the arrival of the ‘Departure’ of the Body of Christ? Is this the time when the Holy Spirit is lifted up & out with the Body of Christ from this world? IF the typology is valid, it so happens that Christ ascended or was ‘Raptured’ to Heaven 10 days prior to Pentecost in the Book of Acts. And His Ascension is directly tied to Pentecost. On May 17-18, 2012 this date will be 10 days out from Pentecost. This 10 Day time-span is when Venus begins its Retrograde motion down the Horns of Taurus. Could this timing be a 10 Day warning of Christ’s coming for His Bride to culminate in the time of the Rapture on Pentecost? We shall see.

Celestial Eclipses

It appears that the Feast of Pentecost comprises the mid-section, in terms of time, between a Total Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 & a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Jun 4, 2012. Last year in 2011, there was a similar celestial configuration dealing with Pentecost but in opposite juxtaposition. You had Pentecost in-between a Partial Solar Eclipse before the Feast & with a Total Lunar Eclipse afterwards.

The numerical configuration constituted a 7-7-7-9 day count sequence that had a particular significance of ‘Total Judgment Decreed’. (see link) Will 2012 then be the year that this ‘judgment’ is to befall on humanity? On Earth? Perhaps the recent & escalating earthquakes, volcanoes, dead animals, abnormal weather patterns, solar flares etc. are an indication of what is to come if these trends continue. It appears then that the 2nd half of 2012 will be even more ominous.

A Jewish Feast?
As a particular Feast of the LORD approaches every season, many Followers of Christ become expectant with the anticipation that perhaps the Rapture of the Church will occur on such a given ‘Jewish Feast.’ The Resurrection/Rapture does not have to coincide with any particular ‘Jewish’ Feast but the cycles of the LORD’s Appointments are eternal. Although some Believers have stated that the Church is all together a separate entity & not ‘Jewish’, the Feasts are not just prescribed to the Nation of Israel.

The 7 primary Feast of the LORD are the time-piece that not only is correlating to Earthly seasons & times but that which Heaven ‘metaphors’ the work of Christ with. Noted, in the spiritual realms & Throne Room of God, there is no ‘time.’ Yet we see in the Book of Revelation that God does somehow relate a time-piece of duration regarding events that are initiated in Heaven first that affect the Earth. For example, there is the ‘half an hour’ of silence that occurs before the wrath of God is to continue upon the Anti-Christ’s kingdom.

Point being that the Feast of the LORD are of an ‘eternal decree’ originating outside of time, space & nationality. It just so happened that Israel was privileged to be given the special stewardship of implementing the ordinances as part of its special Covenant or relationship made between the LORD and that Nation. But the Church’s birth is directly tied to one particular ‘Jewish’ Feast, that of Pentecost. Will the ‘work’ of the Church likewise be completed or fulfilled at a given Feast of Pentecost in 2012 or the near future? Perhaps.

The Hidden Codes of Pentecost
The Church of God began on the Feast of Pentecost at the end of the spring harvest season. Based on the analogy of the Menorah, the last 3 Feasts are to deal with the Nation of Israel as it was with the 1st 3 Feast. At the 1st Pentecost, the power of the Holy Spirit –as a ‘Dove’ with Fire came upon at total of 120 believers (Acts 1:15). The 120 Disciples in the Upper Room were the ‘first-fruits,’ if you will of a representation of the total future harvest of souls to occur at the point of the Rapture.

Until that time, the 1st Pentecost is serving as a ‘time’ that represents the whole of the ingathering for the Christian era & for the whole of humanity. This harvest or Christ’s ingathering will occur at the time of the Resurrection/Rapture when the work of the Church is completed & enters into its ‘Pentecostal’ rest –after the 50th ‘Day’. But the 120 number of the Disciples assembled is a ‘code’ for a representation of the total ‘prophetic’ time ‘cycles’ mankind since the Creation would be allotted until the last Pentecost concludes the time of the ‘End of Days’.

The 7 Ages of the x the 7 Churches = 50 total duration of time allotted for the Church

[120 Cycles of Time x 50 Petecosts] = 6000 years


IF you believe in Dispensationalism, 6000 years is the ‘time’ that the LORD has allotted for humanity -aside from the last & 7th 1000 Millennial Reign of Christ.  Pentecost could thus be directly related not only to the end of the Church Age but a harvest of all humanity. As far as the Church is concerned, this would allude to the fact that it would enter its ‘rest’ at the 7th Sabbaths of Weeks culminated at a future ‘Pentecost’ –if not this year. Thus, if not at this Pentecost, then at a future one, The 50th Pentecost of he 120 cycles of time would coincide with the Year of Sabbatical Rest the LORD would implement at His 2nd Return.


Given the typology, I believe that this is a hidden ‘code’ given by the LORD as to the number of Saved that would be ‘caught’ by the Church until the Great Commission of the Church would be fulfilled. Thus this ‘picture’ could, in one layer of meaning, allude to the 7 Disciples being the representatives of the 7 Churches of Asia & the 7 Church Ages. This 153 Fish correlation can further be linked to the 120 Disciples that would later assemble themselves back in Jerusalem’s Upper Room on Pentecost.


153 Fish
It is interesting to speculate on the correlation of the 153 Fish caught by the 7 Disciples with the Net that did not break. After the Resurrection of the LORD, the Disciples got discouraged & sought to turn back to their natural lives & livelihood etc. Most returned, it seemed, to the Sea of Galilee to fish. Christ appeared to them by the shore on a day that the Disciples could not seem to catch any fish at all -a ways from the shore.

The LORD there gave them instructions to ‘cast the net on the other side’. Once the reluctant Disciples did this, not immediately realizing it was the LORD, a precise number of 153 Fish was calculated to be caught. Evidently, this would have been impossible for the Nets they had to sustain such a quantity & not break. This is where perhaps a direct association would be linked with
the ‘50’ Pentecost number associated with the 120 Disciples in the Upper Room. If the 120 Disciples does correlated to the 120 Cycles of ‘Prophetic’ Time, these 120 cycles of time are linked, in my opinion to the number of the 153 Fish caught by Disciples at the specific direction of a Risen LORD Jesus in John 21:11.

This number then 153, in turn could be linked to Pentecost as the Disciples soon after according to Acts 2 re-gathered in the Upper Room to celebrate the Feast. The Scriptures once again specifically number 120 total Disciples there. At this time, the Holy Spirit came down as a Dove of Fire to indwell the Believers & infuse them with ‘power from on High’. Thus if the stipulation is carried forth, the whole 120 amount could thus represent a code of the fulfillment of the Church’s labor. Here are some possible mathematical correlations:

the year 2012 / .33 factor = 6096  Could this be the actual years since Creation?

Fish caught 153 code: [153 Fishes - 120 Disciples] = 33 (highest degree possible)
153 = 1+5+3 = 9 0r (3+3+3)

153 Fish X 120 Disciples = 18360 / 33 = 556.36363635
(555 is associated in the occult with death & resurrection) 556 possibly signifies 1 digit beyond that.

Thus, possibly the number 153 is a ‘code’ for the number of precise Believers that will be ‘brought in’ during the Church Age. This would be done by the ‘Net’ of the LORD’s saving work thorough the agent of the Church since Pentecost, figuratively speaking. Is it any stretch of the imagination that it will likely also end at such a Feast as with the 120 Disciples in the Upper Room experiencing the ‘rapture’ of the Holy Spirit? We shall see.


The Ichthys Fish
Christians in the early centuries of the Church began using religious symbols. One prominent one that has lasted down to modern times has been the Greek word for "fish." This symbol is as an anagram or acronym for ‘Jesus Christ God's Son, Savior’. Ichthys consists of 5 letters from the Greek alphabet: I-ch-th-y-s. When these 5 letters are used as initials for five words, it becomes what Christians were known to declare: Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter. I bring this to light because the 153 Fish ‘code’ is one of ‘reproduction’ & harvest as it corresponds to the Vesica Pisces geometry. There is an association of mathematical proportions that is derived from the dimensions of the fish symbol itself that is linked to the number 153. (see chart for illustration)

The ‘fish’ symbol that has long been associated with Christianity has peculiar mathematical principles as the symbol associated with the Vesica Pisces. This is in itself a very ancient symbol with a principle of sacred geometry that denotes multiplication & reproduction. Just as Christians are said to by like ‘fish’ as the LORD commanded His Disciples to be ‘Fishers of Men’ & to make ‘disciples of all nations.’ This command echoes the one in the Garden of Eden to ‘Be fruitful & multiply’ –like fish!  It so happens that the Vesica Pisces has the coefficient of 153. The number 153 can be obtained in a by dividing the Vesica Pisces width by its height & using the square root of 3.  (see chart illustration) The mathematical formulas is as follows:

width / height = √3 = 265 / 153 Factor


The Rapture is a Harvest

A specific harvest type of grain coincides with each of the 3 main Feast of Israel. There are other types of fruit/nut harvests but it is the barley, wheat & grapes that are specifically associated to the 3 main required Feast. The LORD required all male Israelites to be presented before the LORD at his Temple during these specific Feasts.

Each harvest reveals or represents separate & distinct Resurrections among the LORD’s Disciples. The Wave Sheaf Ceremony marked the official beginning of the physical ‘early’ harvest season, while Pentecost celebrates the completion of it. Here are the following types of Harvest associated with the 3 main Feasts of Israel:


1. Barley       - Passover

2. Wheat       - Pentecost

3. Grapes     - Tabernacles

For the Barley Harvest, the 1st harvest of Barley begins to ripen early in the spring around Passover. It is from this sample crop that the Wave-Sheaf Offering is gathered during the Days of Unleavened bread. The early harvest is completed in late May or early June at the time of Pentecost.

>From Passover to Pentecost the number 7-7-7 that symbolizes perfection or a completion is encoded in the day-counts. There are 7 Days from the selection of the Passover Lamb to First-Fruits. There are 7 days after the Wave-Sheaf Offering is given. Then there are the 7 weeks until Pentecost to complete the circuit. In this continuum, God’s counting method ties the Resurrection at the First-Fruits harvest – of Jesus Christ, together with the anticipated 2nd Resurrection of the same type of harvest on Pentecost. Pentecost is the time of the completion of the early Grain Harvest which is still Barley.

It so happens that at the beginning of Pentecost the early ‘first-fruits’ of Wheat are then chosen. Perhaps after the Rapture, if it is to coincide with a Pentecost, where the 144,000 of the Book of Revelation will be ‘anointed’ as the type of the wheat ‘first-fruits’ from the Tribulation that is to follow? As several researches have put forth, the wheat unlike barley has to be threshed against the ‘tribulum’ or board to separate the fruit/kernels. This could be a picture of what Israel is to go through to have its sin of unbelief removed so that they can see ‘Him who they have pierced’ at Christ’s 2nd Coming.

The Order of the Resurrections
Thus there were 2 main phases to the physical harvesting in ancient Israel, so there will be two occasions of spiritual harvesting. Jesus was the First-Fruits, represented by the first harvest that begins during the Days of Unleavened Bread. The corresponding 2nd phase will be when the full harvest of Barley is accomplished by Pentecost & the Wheat First-Fruits are presented at that time as a token of the next subsequent type of harvest to come.


The 1st Resurrection corresponds to Christ, the First-Fruits, which was the earlier Barley Harvest that coincided precisely with Passover. The 2nd Resurrection or harvest will coincide with the Wheat Harvest, which will coincide with Pentecost. This time is what many Christians interpret as being the ‘Rapture’ that in reality will be the 2nd Resurrection of the Dead in Christ to immediately be followed by those that ‘remain & are alive’ to be transformed & caught up together to meet the LORD in the Air-in the twinkling of an eye; no lingering around on Earth for 40 days as many believe.



The 2 Wave Loaves of Challa Bread

The early Barley Harvest began at First Fruits & the early Wheat Harvest at Pentecost. Pentecost is the only Feast in which the Offering had leaven in it. There were to be 2 loafs of bread for the Wave Offering called ‘Challa bread’ in Hebrew. It was to be offered to the High Priest & waved before the LORD at the Temple. (Lev 23:16-17) The bread with yeast is another of those hidden clues that make Pentecost the most likely feast date for the Rapture. Why, because although the sin-nature was crucified with Christ on the Cross & though nullified by the finished work of Jesus at the Cross, it still resided in the physical body of the Believers. It won’t be until the Resurrection/Rapture would that be totally removed by the giving of the promised glorified bodies.


Leaven is a picture of ‘sin’. The Church's 2,000 years has been one of a ‘leavened existence’. And most significantly, these 2 loaves of leavened bread were -In the same way, had a measure of corruption as it is within the Church, the Believer. A follower of Christ is a ‘saved sinner’, redeemed, justified, & sanctified by Jesus alone. It is a process. This is where we see Scripture alluded that the Bride ‘has made herself ready’ by the washing & renewing of the Word of Christ. Christ paid in full for the entire effect & outcome. Yet it is playing out now in time; Christ saved our Spirit, He is saving our Soul, & will ‘save’ our Body at the Rapture.

Thus it is plausible to assert that now, Christ ‘in the Church’ by way of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is what is being fulfilled up until the Resurrection & Rapture of the Body & Bride of Christ. Pentecost is thus an object lesson to demonstrate by last day of Pentecost’s presentation of the 2 Loaf of Bread Wave Offerings. Pentecost was to be concluded at the presentation of 2 loaves of bread with leaven. They were to be just waved before the presence of the LORD in the Temple by the Priests in hand. 

It is plausible that one possible meaning of these 2 pieces of bread with leaven pictures that God in Christ has reconciled to Himself a ‘new humanity’ out of the Jewish & Gentile peoples of the world. These 2 entities are to be presented at the end of a Pentecost Feast by the High Priest, Jesus Christ. It is Christ that is sanctifying & purifying the Church currently. It is because of His imputed righteousness that Followers of Christ can be in the presence of the LORD with ‘sin’ still in our person as He intercedes on our behalf. I John 2:1 Christ is currently our High Priest & is waving His Bride made up of Jewish & Gentile Disciples before the Father in His Temple to be accepted because of Christ.

Perhaps 2012

When God sent the Holy Spirit to indwell Believes at Pentecost, it was accompanied with a miraculous supernatural sign to mark this special occasion of the founding of His Church. There was a sound of a rushing wind possibly to be likened to that of the blowing of a wind instrument perhaps? Then fire came down. if the Rapture is indeed going to be associated with Pentecost, in some year’ it will also be a miraculous supernatural sign to the world as it was a direct witness to those Jews especially that are seeking ‘signs & wonder’.

It will be like when Gideon carried the earthen vessels that concealed the light inside and were only at the point of the ‘attack’ that they were broken & the army of the LORD went ‘up’ before the enemy’s camp. At the point of the Resurrection/Rapture, our earthen vessels, our physical body of leaven or sin will be as if ‘waved’ before the LORD but shed to be transformed into the promised ‘glorified’ body that is sinless & indestructible!

Some sources of the Harvest Study