Jim Bramlett (25 Apr 2012)
"Ten-Day separation"


Both Ascension Day May 17, 2012 and Pentecost May 27, 2012 point to the possible resurrection/rapture.  Since they are two separate events, could not May 17 be the resurrection of the dead and May 27 be the rapture of those who remain?

Marilyn Agee is looking to May 17 as the rapture, while others are looking to May 27.

That is a ten-day separation.  Could those be the ten days of Revelation 2:10?  It makes sense that "those who remain" would be greatly persecuted after the resurrection.

I am intrigued with that Fibonacci curve/number as God's signature seen throughout the universe.  


It makes sense that He would stamp the most important day in history with His signature.

Just sayin'.