Jill Hart (14 Apr 2012)
"Mathman and O and the Bible"

You ain't seen nothing yet, as the saying goes...if Romney replaces
the O in office he is a man that specifically believes that the Bible
is not true, that it can be changed and to make matters worse he is
part of an organization that is trying to pass itself off as christian
while in fact it is satanic.

You might be surprised to know how many Mormons are in the senate and
house as well as the FBI and CIA. These people are a third party
beholding only the the LDS church and no one else.

It is just my opinion but they are much more insidious than O. We are
willfully considering electing a man to office that blatantly believes
a lie and wants to propagate that lie in order to benefit a religious
institution that though may appear "good" is infinitely evil.  The
battle is not about good and evil it is about saved and unsaved, as
all sin has been paid for at the cross. These people are leading many
down the path to hell by lying to them. So sad.