Gerry Almond (19 Apr 2012)
"Time to make our election sure!!"

Several things are happening now that point to a very soon rapture event for those who have made themselves ready.   I am writing just a few of them as they have come to mind.  

Daniel’s 21 days delay may be in progress as of April 8/9, 2012.  From this date until April 29/30, 2012 is exactly 21 days.  If this is operative, it means that the journey to come to us in the rapture began on Easter, April 8/9, 2012 and the messengers will arrive April 29/30, 2012.

It is possible, of course, that 3 additional days may be in play added to the 21 days because of the 3 days in the tomb as a type of even further delay.  If so, April 11/12, 2012, which is the last day of the first 1,260 days of Daniel’s 70th week is the start date and May 2/3, 2012 is the end date.

There is good reason to look at May 11 as a high watch day as well.  Second Passover begins May 5/6 and is for those who were unable to keep the Passover because of defilement or being away at the time.  This means that Unleavened Bread and First Fruits follow in the same time sequence as with normal Passover.  Could it be that this Passover qualifies as the time?  

The air is full of possibilities now, so many that one has to just wait and see.

Also, April 12, 2012 has been identified by Ron Reese as the start of the second period of 1,260 days of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  In line with this,war drums are beating louder in the Middle East.  This is not new news, but it is important to the times.  Sudden destruction could be on the horizon.  They are trying at this very date 4/18, to come to “peace and safety” over there.  But, one very interesting development being reported is the unusual movement of Israeli missiles.  Vladimir Putin (Gog?) is ready and poised to take the helm of Russia.  Is the Gog/Magog war in the immediate offing?  Maybe also the Psalm 83 war?

April 8 was Easter. This feast celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus after being in the tomb 3 days and nights.  The Jews reject this event to this very day, although the Messianic Jews do not.  But more and more, the churches are turning away from this truth to embrace what has been dubbed Chrislam, a term that describes the combination of Christian practice with Islamic religious things in order to make friends with the Islamic religionists of the world.  Such apostasy is almost beyond our comprehension as Bible believing Christians.  Heresy is now openly preached in many pulpits across America and the world.  Compromise with evil is being done on every hand in order to increase numbers in the churches.  It seems more important to get along than to obey the Bible’s clear teachings.

Ron Reese is writing about the rise of the occult and satanic movements that are seeking a New World Order.  This is far advanced and ready to become apparent to all.  When it does, there will be no more freedoms such as we now enjoy.  Ron feels that these elite people want WW3 in order to humble all nations down to one level.  I agree with him on this, and I hope we are gone by then.  He thinks this will occur around April 11, 2012 or on into May or as late as June 24/25, 2012.  I hope fervently that we are taken out before then.

There is a thought that I saw published that said that God is preparing an end-time army.  The thought supposed that this army might be the raptured saints.  There may be scriptural backing for the idea in the Song of Solomon, chapter 6.  It speaks of the Shulamite (gentile girl, representing the Church in the Song) as being taken by the servants of the willing Prince (Jesus Christ).  The daughters of Jerusalem (Israel) says “Return, return” whereupon she asks why?  “That we may behold thy beauty”.  Then a strange thing is said.  The girl is seen as “an army with banners” and just a short time later, as “two armies with banners”.  Could this first army be the resurrected saints who are asleep in Jesus?  And the second batch a short time later the living who are transformed and translated to meet them?  Together they comprise 2 armies with banners?  Further, could these two armies be the end-time army that the “I AM COMING” letters described in letters 142 and 143?  

What I am saying is that I see the resurrection/transformation of Christians of all ages in chapter 6 of the Song of Solomon.  Chapter 6 and verse 12 is the actual rapture event.  Could the 2 perhaps be separated by a time element of 3 days?  It would satisfy the word “remain” found in I Thess 4:18.  How exciting is it to think that God may use His resurrected/raptured saints to minister for a period of time after the rapture?  Could it be?  In a way, I hope so, as we would be in bodies that could not be harmed while witnessing to the lost.

Dear folks, read, read, absorb, understand, look up, get right with God, make your election sure, witness as God leads, get on and stay on the narrow path, turn your back on this sinful world, quit your own sinning, serve Jesus Christ, love the Word, and GET READY.


Gerry Almond