Gerry Almond (17 Apr 2012)
"The Time Is Now"

It appears that the time for our departure has come.  This post will attempt to tie together the wait that caused us to be “delayed” beyond April 11, 2012, which is the middle point of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  Jesus clearly taught that when the time came for His return, a delay would occur, but He did not specify its length, or in what manner it would happen.  I believe the answer may be the following.

Beginning with April 12, 2012, the very first day of the second half of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy happened.  There occurred massive earthquakes in the Pacific on this very date, measuring 8.6 and the aftershock measuring 8.2 on the Richter.  It may have been a message and I believe that it was just that.  Then, of course, came more scoffing at the idea of the rapture, because of “another failed date”.  The difference is that no one predicted this to be the date of the rapture, only the middle of the 70th week.  There remains as beginning April 12, 2012 exactly 1,335 days until the Kingdom Age.  That is 1,260 days of the second half of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy plus 30 days plus 45 days delineated in Daniel chapter 12.  It could be, however, 30 days plus 1,260 days plus 45 days.  Or even 75 days plus 1.260 days.  All equal 1,335.  Or it could be that since the rapture is AN UNDATED EVENT, it could occur somewhere after the 1,260 days of the second half has begun.  Indeed, as of now that seems to be the case.  God refuses to be put in anyone’s box, thus He has His perfect plan while we all “see through a glass darkly”.  My endorsement, as of now, is for May 11, 2012, just thirty days into the 1,260.  

I am convinced personally that whenever the rapture event occurs, it will be delayed 21 days, just as the release of the captives of the Babylonians were in Daniel’s day.  (Read Daniel 10).  So, it is entirely possible that the Lord is on His way with from 3 –7 days already expired of the 21 delay.  If this is the case, the rapture event could be April 29/30 or May 1/2.  There are possibilities that need to be observed before chucking the baby out with the bath water.  All such are high watch times.  And Jesus, Himself, said that “on a day that ye think not, the Son of Man cometh (in the rapture)”.  The “war in heaven” to stop this event evidently caused the delay.  If the captivity merited a delay caused by a war in heaven, surely the rapture event is equally important to the powers of heaven.  This war may be the casting out of Satan from heaven along with 1/3rd of the heavenly angels.  Thus there may be a repeat of the Daniel 21 delay.  If so, Satan will likely pass us on the way down to earth as we go up to meet our Bridegroom.

Further consideration may be given to the calendar being off 10 days.  This aberration of the JEWISH CALENDAR (not affecting the agricultural one) may have occurred when the sun retreated 10 degrees (10 days) on the dial of Hezekiah’s day when it was given as a sign to him that his life would be spared for 15 more years.  I have long thought so, and I also think these are some of the ways God has used to keep His secrets from mankind.  Time will tell, no pun intended.


No matter how you feel about this post, or any other for that matter, please do not delay any longer in getting right with God.  He is coming soon to get His beloved Bride and those who are not ready may not be removed to heaven when He comes.  

Also, no matter how you feel about the “I Am Coming” letters of Susan and Sabrina, the latest ones, letters 142 and 143 are saying “the birth pangs are over, this is the tribulation”.  And further the letter said “You will see this (tribulation) yet a little while and then I will give the signal for My Son’s soon coming”.  Did you get that?  YOU WILL SEE THIS TRIBULATION YET A LITTLE WHILE.  Not only this, but the letters also said “the age of grace has ended”.

To me the message is reasonably clear.  We are in the last of the last days now!  Look up!  Our redemption draws near.


Gerry Almond