Gerlinda (17 Apr 2012)
"for Ron Reese, Mathman & Gerry A"

Dear Ron,  I just read your post that came to my mail-box.  As I've said before, I am not a math person (not by a long shot), I just put pieces together like some investigator, up on the board,  to see what it may mean so....  if you add those extra 45 days that are referred to, "Blessed is he that makes it to the 1335 day...", onto April 11th, it would bring you to May 26/27, which is the the day designated as Shavot (Pentecost) this year.  So, maybe this silly post will tickle your deeper thinkers. 
You see, I happen to believe that we are already in the very last year with this 2012 event coming that cannot and I mean "CANNOT" be disputed, so perhaps we've been too caught up in all these little details and missed the fact that "zero" is still here and after Pentecost, the one who has been chained up for such a day that he and his hordes will be released for 5 months is coming up, this year?
The X FACTOR is the extra 75 days found in Daniel 12. The X FACTOR is Day 1290 and Day 1335. Just what are these days? Bible scholars have been trying to figure out the answer to that question for centuries.