Garry B (30 Apr 2012)
"United States Budget & National Debt Dilemma"


It is my belief that the United States budget and national debt are the only two issues that should be debated in detail in the upcoming presidential debates.  All the other issue are irrelevant by comparison.  In addition or in lieu of  any more debates or political television ads I want  Romney and Obama put in writing the top 25 - 50 actions they would take if elected president to reduce the United States national debt.  I want them to put in writing how much each action would reduce the debt by year and what the national debt would be 4 years after they are sworn into office.   


We The People must understand what is at stake in the November election – the survival of our nation.  WE THE PEOPLE must do our very best to make sure the media and the candidates spend at least 90% of their time debating the budget and national debt.


WE THE PEOPLE must elect a president and Congressional candidates, regardless of party,  who share our belief that the number 1 threat to the survival of our nation is our out of control national debt.  We must elect candidates who promise to work together to fix this problem as fast as possible and forever.  Candidates who are worthy of our trust and are promise keepers.


WE THE PEOPLE should be applauded at the amount of time Congress spends debating bills that have nothing to do with the survival of our nation while our nation goes further into debt each and every day.


Here’s something to think about;  If the national debt is the number 1 threat to the survival of our nation, does it really make a difference which debt reduction solution is implemented as long as it works before our creditors are no longer willing to buy our debt?  Maybe, just maybe if we can put our partisanship aside, we can once again become a creditor nation if WE THE PEOPLE mandate a major debt reduction solution by our votes this November.