Frank R Molver (19 Apr 2012)
"Clay re departure dream"
Thanks Clay
I am thinking the vision represented the scene just before the rapture
The stage was set, the players are all in place.
Kind of reminds me of the sketch below
Only below it is as the scene crumbles and the raptured depart
Sorry about the name thing, Homer Simpson DOH on my part
4 April 2012
I still prayed for God's soon return,then God showed a train to heaven had arrived,its glass door was opening and announced,"Pls stand behind the yellow line!"A Roman city could be seen outside was destroyed.God's meaning:The world is now like the Empire of Rome going to be destroyed,it is time to enter the heavenly train,stand firm and be ready to go! Anyone who is outside step over the yellow line can be saved.(Revised on 7 Apirl 2012)