Elaine Shealy (23 Apr 2012)
""Kevin W." , "Charles" , "Jeanne French", and "Melodie""

Charles did you read the wonderful sermon that Kevin put together for all of us.  Thank you Charles and Kevin for the words of encouragement laced with Truths from the Word of Almighty God.  I am like all of you in that I feel that time is running out and I still haven't done enough to get people into the Kingdom, but it came home to me Kevin when you said that  we cannot achieve any increase by our own efforts...but by the Spirit.(Zech 4:6b).    For some of us, because of the way we are wired by God, it is hard to relinquish our own strong wills that we can just do whatever needs doing by praying hard enough or doing 'more'.  That is a part of letting go to trust God.  We do as we are lead by the Holy Spirit and then we 'rest' (trust) in Him.
The every day chores are time consuming.  My elderly sister's husband died Nov. 2011 and she has no children and has alzhiemers with many other ailments so I moved her into our guest house and have a care giver most of the time but not all the time so this eats up a lot of my time.  I know that God had a purpose for this happening so I am not questioning why, but  I would like to write to many doves who post or do studies on some of the subjects that are brought up on  posts but don't have the time.   All my life I have had an innate sense of urgency when it comes to time and now I am beginning to understand why. 
Jeanne French and Melodie, I treasure your sweet words to me and would love to discuss the many wonderful books you both mentioned.  I have some really good old books and probably every edition of Bibles there is.  My prayer each day is for God to give me the double portion of His word and a deeper understanding.  Charles, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem every day and support the ali of Jewish people back to their homeland.  I also pray for a suitable job in Jesus' Kingdom.  I am really rambling but I wanted to say to Jeanne that Enoch is all about God's wrath more than anything else.  He points out over and over about what is going to happen to the evil ones which backs up God's word.  My mother marched us into the living room each night to read the Bible to us and teach us about the love of Jesus but she taught us about the wrath of God also.  I am soooo thankful that she did because there is a lot of deception about a God that only loves with no judgement so there is no fear. 
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."  Proverbs 9:10
Agape,  elaine shealy