Donna Danna (27 Apr 2012)

In this video, Jonathan Kahn, author of the Harbinger tells us that two of the biggest financial collapses in the U.S. both happened on the 29th day of Elul (the last day of Elul) in a sabbatical year (the 7th yr.) which were also 7 years apart on 9/17/2001 and on 9/29/2008.  Both days were Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar. Please listen to this video. Jonathan Kahn tells other interesting facts as well.
Here is a chart of the Dow Jones in this article showing the financial losses on 9/17/2001 and 9/29/2008 at
Here is a Jewish calendar at  where you can convert the days on our Gregorian calendar to the days on the Jewish calendar so if you type in 9/17/2001 or 9/29/2008, you will see that they both take place on Elul 29 which is the last day on the Jewish civil calendar followed by Rosh Hashanah, the 1st day which is called Tishri 1.  Jonathan Kahn didn't mention that both 9/17/2001 and 9/29/2008 fell on Monday.