Charles (26 Apr 2012)
"I saw the rapture on a Thursday"

In my one of a few rapture dreams I said I cannot believe the rapture is on a Thursday! After reading some interesting well thought out posts here I looked up some dates! May 17th Thursday! June 20th Thursday! December 20th Thursday! I also see the correlation between may 17th Philadelphia church may 27th Sardis after ten days of tribulation! The numerical signs and brackets of lunar and solar eclipses are hard to ignore! I am trying to let the spirit and Jesus lead me home! My heart says acencion day pentacost. My head Rosh Hoshanna my gut says we don't have that long and my intellect says June 20th and December 20th are great possibilities! We are supposed to know the season and be found ready and watching when he returns! I have come to an amazing and scary conclusion this whole world is designed to keep us from watching and seeking the Lord! It's like the only safe ride in an amusement park is hidden among glamorous cool looking death traps! Very few get on the safe boring looking ride and when the rides start up only those live! It's hard to explain to people even professing Christians why we should be trying to walk in the spirit instead of rushing to turn on the tv! Literally guys the Lord Jesus wants your full attention because only He knows the way to the safe ride and only by tuning out all the noise and flashy rides can we follow Him to and get on the safe one!