Charles (19 Apr 2012)
"To all Doves three raptures?"

I after reading the Doves posts and everyone's thoughts prayed in the spirit and searched all I knew of the word in my heart. How can we all be right and wrong at the same time? I asked the right question. I now firmly believe there are three gatherings! Christ, then the first fruits, the main harvest, then those that are His at His second coming! We are all wrong yet all right at the same time!!! There should be no more fighting over doctrine of when with each attacking the others views! We are instead to watch and pray and know the season and warn and try to be shining lights when He comes so we can be seen ready! Christ rose on ascension day may 17th this year! Pentecost is may 27th! The barley crop or the bride the watchers the doves those diligently seeking Him in truth and spirit wanting Him to save them are ripe ready to harvest. The firstfruits are ready to go now anytime between now and pentacost don't fall into the trap I almost just did saying oh my five more months better dig into this world again no cut your strings breathe helium( not lterally) get ready be the bride! The barley firstfruits rapture is coming! Then the wheat the main harvest after the five months of torment September 16-17th on Rosh Hoshanna! Those left behind will have got more oil and have ripened when they see the watchers were right! Main harvest wheat! You want to be barley I cannot take what I see now! Then those that make the decision for Christ after the main harvest don't take the mark it's coming next year it seems! Those that life through the great tribulation Christ will gather at His coming when all men can see! Then the battle of Armageddon and the millennial kingdom! We are right at the door! It's not started yet simply because the bride is still here! I do not believe we have to wait till fall! I also believe that the wheat will be harvested on Rosh Hoshanna then as the barley bride will be in spring. Those preparing to go in their hearts and are watching and praying and seperating will fly! The chaff will be saved yet as by fire! Then the wine press will crush the grapes! Be barley be the bride call upon the Lord! Show Him you want to be with Him watch and pray that you may be found worthy! Just being aware he's coming watching and praying you are already seperating from the late crop that's still budding keep your lamps trimmed! Cut the strings get ready to fly but guys your all right and we are all wrong sticking to one position that's what I was shown in the spirit!