Charles (19 Apr 2012)
"Diane G post"

Thank you for so clearly articulating what I feel inside in fact our own flesh wants to fight against our spirit now we see the light we though the spirit seek to walk in the light where we can be found Jesus is looking for the lights among the darkness let your lights be shining your lamps be lit when he comes to take his bride! The wise virgins keep their wicks trimmed and lamps lit! It is so hard to go out among the world anymore because of the truth of your post. We must seek to seperate ourselves from the worlds vanity it's the only hope! The churches are teaching blending in and getting the most out of this world when they should be teaching coming out from it but they cannot they are just like after the fourth century now part of the establishment of the world organizations not part of the kingdom. I came out of the church last summer because my denomination supports Palistine over Israel and many other things. We must cling to Jesus and he's our only guide.