Bob Anderson (30 Apr 2012)
"re: Are we talking apples and apples here?"

Remember the story of Martin Luther hurling his ink well at Satan.

Another example: A local pastor here wrote a book on the timing of or sequencing of events in the tribulation. He quoted a segment from Ezekiel. I, like many others, glossed right over the quote.

As printed, it had nothing to do with Ezekiel or the Bible. It was a satanic message masked in the most exalted language you can imagine. It was beautiful. It required literary genius to write the thing. It required collusion in the typesetting process. It required blinding the eyes of the proof readers and editors. It was a satanic/supernatural occurrence, and a very complex one at that.

The pastor issued an almost tearful errata, assuring his readers that he had no idea of how this could have occurred.

I used the book as a text for one of my Bible classes and retained the original, the one with the errata. Strangely enough, i've been considering sending quotes from it to 5doves. If I find it, and if I get around to it, I'll send it. I warn you in advance -- what you read will be so subtle and so deceptive that I'll lay odds that many will be fooled, even with advance warning.



Michael Colunga (28 Apr 2012)
"Are we talking apples and apples here?"

Hello, John and Doves,
Rene, did you mean this pastor?
Baruch HaShem Adonai Roi,
Mike C.
Rene (27 Apr 2012)
"re: Pastor Begley and "The BEAST is Here!""

Pastor Paul Begley on U-tube keeps saying,
The Mark is here, but WHERE IS THE BEAST?!!!
He says he listens to Jack Van Impe, but must
not be listening to him very closely! THE BEAST
is HERE!!!! How do you send Pastor Begley
a message? He says to write to him on U-tube,
but there is no place to write to him. The BEAST
is here and he's been here!