Ben C (26 Apr 2012)
"Is His Bride Being Given Her Wedding Ring 10 Days Early?"
I know, I know, there has been so many times of speculation. Well heres one more. But being the fact that the time is ripe for The Tribulation to start this year, that means Yeshua's Bride has to leave this world first in preparation for THE WEDDING!
Remember, Christ died for ALL those who will accept HIS FORGINESS. Once we proclaim HIM as our Lord and King, not only is our name written in The Lamb's book of Life, but we are given a part of Himself, The Holy Spirit that resides inside all those who love Him, and wait for the redemption of their body.
The above video I believe is yet another incredable sign proclaiming His Near Return! THE WEDDING RING! Taking place on the fortieth day after His Resurrection, May 17th, and just 10 days before our possible departure from this world, He is showing all those who are watching that THE WEDDING IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE IN THE HEAVENLIES!
To back up what has just been said, watch hese other videos for more understanding about the time we live in. > The Age of Pentecost > Chart  > many Prophetic Graphical Charts > requires patient study for understanding
This may well be The Pillar of Understanding of where we are on God's Prophetic Timeline!  > This is set in concrete! Information taken directly from the Nasa Web Site > < Here is this amazing chart!