Anthony Mak (19 Apr 2012)
"The "in the MIDST of the week" - An important fresh re-look at the 7 years covenant in light of jubilee year 2017"

In the KJV it says "in the MIDST"  not  "in the MIDDLE" ( which is more commonly taken as what it means ) but, if, the "midst" really means what it says it is, then it could also mean "within" or "in between" ( a certain set period or set time which in this case is a seven years GREGORIAN CALENDAR covenant ). ( No one is going to agree to sign a seven years treaty nowadays based on the Biblical calendar of 360 days , that's for sure! )  And God knew that too!  He just said "for one week" that's all and "in the midst of it" with no mention of exactly how many days will the "one week" be and when exactly is the "in the midst of the week" going to happen....even in Revelation, the 1260 days is His divinely allocated days for the two witnesses and the AC but it doesn't say that it is divided EXACTLY in two halves with a 2520 days / 7 biblical years calendar!! Therefore, some Bibles with the words 'in the middle of the week" will be proven to be wrong.... We will stick with the KJV for this one and see where this fresh re-look will take us....

If the above makes sense, then its a whole new angle of looking at and understanding this 7 years covenant! This fresh insight will also fit in some of things which may have been left out here and there in previous theories where everyone is trying to best fit their own theories of it.  ( and I've enjoyed reading all of them, don't get me wrong, ). In order to illustrate this,  I'll just take a timeline now based on Tom Tanner's year of Jubilee in 2017 as an example and see how all  (or at least, most ) other things fits in as well if the "in the midst" means "within" or 'in between" the 7 years covenant..

In actual fact, if we check very carefully, there's never a direct mention of a full 2520 days fulfillment of the 7 years covenant, not in Revelation nor Daniel. In Daniel it only says that there will be a covenant signed for 1 week ( seven years ) but it never said that it will be totally fulfilled in terms of its 7 years timeline but did mention 42 months only and in Revelation, its always only 1260 days that's fixed , but we conveniently add 1260 with another 1260 together to make it 2520 to fit the 7 years and conclude that the "midst" means that its right in the middle of the seven years! ( when it is more true to say that the covenant is actually going to be BROKEN / DISHONORED somewhere and sometime "in between" its covenanted time frame from perhaps even as early as 6 months to 2 years into the fixed 7 years timeframe, and not necessarily EXACTLY  31/2 years ). Don't forget, in reality, the 7 years may NOT also be exactly 2520 days as the 7 years will most probably be based on the Gregorian calendar, which also brings us to another point which is;  the "middle" is also not and cannot be 1260 days from the date of signing if its using Greg counting! so, technically, to say its in the "middle" is also not too accurate..( the "middle" would have to be 1277.5 days if its Greg counting ).

So, if that's the case and if Tom's article about the Jubilee year is correct, ( just as an example, and yet another theory ), then, Jesus will have to begin His thousand years rule in 2017 around Tishri, which will make the signing of the 7 years covenant at least 1260 days before Sept. / Oct. 2017 to around April 2014 for the AC's biblical 1260 days to start.( which leaves just about 5 years from 2012, but the beauty of this insight is that it will be proven to be still happening in the midst of a broken official 7 years treaty!! )

This means that it is still possible for a 7 years covenant to be signed maybe sometime in 2012 or even 2013, BUT, "within" that 7 years, possibly by around April 2014,  it is broken / dishonored by the AC!  And then, the AC will have only 1260 days left from that day onwards, which also means that the 7 years would not be fully completed and will be cut short! ( sounds familiar? Because, if its signed in 2012 or 2013, then it would have had to last until 2019 or 2020 in its original intent ). This may also mean that theoretically, the tetrad in 2014 and 2015 is a warning sign of the appointed times for Israel's 1260 days of great tribulation because it will fall quite near to the beginning of that 1260 days ( or maybe just after ).  

And here's how all the other left out parts can fit in to this scenario...For the 1260 days of the two witnesses, if their ministry were to begin at the beginning of the signing of the 7 years treaty, their time of ministry will still last 1260 days long but will overlap a year or a year and a half or more into the AC's appointed 1260 days.....Daniel's one week of 7 years will still be there, even the Bride should be in her chambers during that time but it might not be a full 7 years ( some might say here that the Jewish custom of 7 days in the chamber has to be fulfilled but if that's the case then, the Bride should have had a waiting period of only about a year ( one thousand years ) but its already been more than two thousand years ) and also the "mid-trib" may just have to be re-named "midst-trib or tribs" if people are still going to be Raptured in the midst of the 7 years treaty timeline including the two-witnesses and the 144,000...

So, in the end, true to Daniel's prophesied covenant of 1 week,  it is a 7 years covenant that will be signed soon even though it may look like there's no more time for a 7 years long treaty to happen in light of all the evidences but if we allow the "midst" to mean what it says it means, it can then be understood to be a 7 years covenant whose set time will not be completely fulfilled and cut-short by the lawless one!  The key factor is that, technically, the covenant can be broken in the "midst" of the 7 years, which is at anytime between the first day and  first 1295 days of the originally planned and agreed upon 2555 days (  it will not be 2520 days if using the Gregorian calendar for the 7 years, which is most likely in our present day and time ) and the day that it is broken is also the day when the final biblical 1260 days of the great tribulation period begins!! People just have to know that instead of focusing on counting 2520 days for the 7 years to end, ( which is already not accurate ), they will just have to look out for the day of the breaking of the covenant by A/C, whenever that happens, and then count 1260 days from there. ( which will then be biblical and accurate and according to God's prophesied actual timelines in Daniel and Revelation )

This still puts the Bride as needing to be ready to be taken at ANYTIME from now, before the actual signing of the 7 years covenant and before the war with Iran or Syria begins and like one Pastor who always reminds his Church to be ready will say,....stay RAPTURABLE!!!