Leigh (30 Apr 2011)
"to Marshall Swing NO RAPTURE????????"

Thankyou so much for your trumpet signal and the serious warning that we are right in the end. I just have a very serious question to you. Have you got proof that GOD told you that there wont be a rapture? For GOD is the same GOD today, yesterday and forever...... So what is going to happen to all these verses telling us GOD will protect His people? Theres thousands of these promises and GOD said everything must be fulfilled. So Im wondering if you are a pastor, what church you attend and what did GOD tell you about the rapture????? Keeping Adam and Eve separate from the world in the garden of Eden, then driving them out to keep Eden clean. How He saved Lot, took Joseph out of the pit, spared David from Saul, put Noah in the ark, jonah who was save in the belly of the fish. Daniel wasnt hurt by the lions, didnt burn in the fiery furnace!!!!!  Who was the five foolish virgins and why didnt the wise stay behind with them. The verse, escape the wrath and stand before the son of man? Thessalonians Peter, Revelation, we can name thousands of examples. To be cont...... Regards Leigh