Gordon Smith (30 Apr 2011)
"David Wilkerson's Death, Timely or Untimely!"

Dear John and Doves

How sad to hear the news of the passing away of David Wilkerson, condolences to his family, fellowship and closest of friends. We are all comforted with the knowledge that he is now with the Lord. His ministry has impacted millions of people around the globe. In South Africa, there are not many Christian folk who have not heard of his ministry and the book “The Cross and The Switchblade.”

I do believe that his passing is prophetically timely and that it is interesting that he and another two men of God have all recently passed on. David Wilkerson’s passing is however very sudden and caught many people by surprise, almost as if the Lord came and took him without warning, like a thief in the night, so as to say. With his passing I believe our Lord Jesus is saying to all and specifically the Church, time is up!!! As if the Lord Jesus is telling all, I’m taking my messenger home and you’ve all had enough warning, I am now coming soon!!

It may also be interesting to note that David Wilkerson died on the 27th April 2011, so let’s look at the numbers, which I believe are highly significant and God is saying by this, that this is it. Time is up!!

2 = separation or witness. Wow separation and the fact that he was indeed a witness for the Kingdom of God.

7 = God’s seal, often called the perfect number.

2+7 = 9, finality.

Yes I believe God is telling us that enough is enough and soon and very soon Jesus is coming beginning with the rapture of those who are looking up, and I believe a few more things that David Wilkerson prophesied will come to pass, such as a massive earthquake in the USA on the back of the Japan earthquake. I think that God is going to shake this world up big time.



Gordon Smith