Jim Bramlett (7 Jan 2008)
"God told me to write this letter"

Dear friends:
God told me to write this letter.
Bold words, I know.  In almost 15 years of an active e-mail and Internet ministry, I have never, ever used such words, although I have been inspired many times. 
I am not a presumptuous person, but it is true -- God told me to write this letter!
God revealed to me that He wants this message and link below to start a HEALING EXPLOSION on the Internet and around the world!  A literal explosion!  Many thousands will be healed of all kinds of diseases.  You will be an instrument.
Here’s what happened.  Sunday morning, January 4, 2009, I had just awakened and was still in bed.  It was before daylight.  My mind began to wander, as it often does, and suddenly God’s healing provisions and Scriptures flooded my thoughts.  And then, just as suddenly, He spoke to my spirit and said to do this.  It was clear.  I have never received a clearer message.
As dramatic confirmation, the very next day I got a telephone call from a friend in another state. Just days earlier I had shared some of the linked healing Scriptures with him.  He told me that two days earlier his teen daughter and her boyfriend planned to go visit a teen friend who just had his fourth brain surgery.  The dad urged them to boldly lay hands on the sick friend and pray for his healing according to the Scriptures I had shared with him.  Although unaccustomed to this, they agreed to try.  God bless these two precious teens.
They went to the hospital and after visiting awhile, and before they left, they asked the friend if they could pray for him.  He agreed.  They laid hands on him according to Mark 16:18 and began to pray.  The sick boy’s mother was listening in the adjoining room, overheard the prayer, and was so touched she began to weep. 
Before the two teens left, they asked their friend when he thought he would be able to return to church.  He replied he was too sick and too weak right now.  This was sad because the boy used to play in the church band and was especially missed.
But the next day at church (the same day I received my revelation), the two teens were shocked as they witnessed a miracle!  They were stunned to not only see their friend at church, but he also played in the band that very day!
This is an example of the Word going forth and healing.  The Bible says, “He sent forth His Word and healed them…” (Psalm 107:20).  God also says that when His Word goes forth it will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish that for which it is sent (Isaiah 55:11).
Healing expresses God’s heart of love. 
Today I am merely a vessel for sending out the Word.  I urge you to do the same.  Send out this Word and let the Spirit do with it what He wants.  It will lovingly find its way to God’s targets all over the world.  It will not return unto Him void.
The Word is on my Web site at http://choicesforliving.com/spirit/part4/healing.htm . May God be glorified, may this message be multiplied, and may tens of thousand of people be healed by this effort. 
In Jesus’ mighty name.