FJ (31 Oct 2009)
"Re: Muslim Witness.."


    It doesn't make a difference whether someone is Muslim, Hindu or whatever. The end-times will be the same for everyone and we will all have to find the door to heaven through Jesus Christ and only through him.

    Jesus has said that he will not lose any one of his sheep and that no one can snatch them away from him. He has also referred to sheep of another fold which he also has to take (now why would he do that if they did not know him). I think the bottom line is that the creator will take whoever is worthy from his creation.

    I was a muslim myself (until last year) and I did find a lot of answers in the Quran to life's purpose, life after death etc. etc. In late 2008, things changed for me. Around the same time as many here are saying that the tribulation started, I got my 3 hard knocks as a wake-up call (and they were literally 3 hard knocks!). Soon after that I lost my job and found Jesus. To do this though, I did have to take the initial step myself. I prayed to the Lord and asked to be saved. The sense of acceptance was immediate and total. So all we have to do apparently is to accept and ask?

    I too used to think that the Bible has been re-written a lot and now is very contrived. But reading it for myself, the truth is recognized immediately, particularly in the main Gospels. When I started reading it, it kept opening on the page which appeared to speak out to me "You have been saved not by actions but by grace..". I thought my Bible had a tendency to open on that page but my electronic bible on the iPhone did the same thing!  Like many here, I am seeing 11:11 too often now. There is a message in this and perhaps it's pointing to a date in November.

    I have no problem accepting Jesus. Muslims already believe in Jesus and the Quran has some facinating passages toward him. But I do believe in Jesus as being the way to our Father in heaven. I have no problem in understanding or accepting the trinity either. I found a greater power in Jesus and the Bible and all the answers that remained. I am now guided and in tune with the Lord as never before.

    The sad thing is that many are just not ever going to ask. Jesus has said that he would save anyone who calls his name!

    I am trying hard to overcome all Sin's that I have been made aware off. I feel that I am receiving help from above. I feel a part of the herd of sheep as I am guided when I stray too far.