Kevin Heckle (7 Sep 2009)
"61st Triangular Number, Temple Destruction and BARACK"


61st Triangular Number, Temple Destruction and BARACK

The 61st Triangular number is 1891.  Because Barack Obama was born in 1961, I wondered if there was any relationship between the 61st Triangular number, 70 AD (when the Temple was destroyed) and 1961.  To my amazement, there are EXACTLY 1891 solar years from 70 AD to 1961, Obama’s birth year!  I have documented before that August 4(Gregorian calendar), which is Barack’s birthday and the 6x6x6 day of the year, was also the 9th of AV (Hebrew calendar) in 70 AD.  The 9th of AV in 70 AD is the DAY the Temple was destroyed! 

        61 is also the (6+6+6)th OR 18th  prime number. 

        Remember that the sum of the first 18 (6+6+6) prime numbers OR 2 through 61 equal 501, which is the Hebrew standard gematria value of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. 

        13 x 61 = 793, this is his English standard gematria.  To break those factors down to prime positions, 6th x (6+6+6)th prime equals 793. 

        Revelation 13:18 is the 30,927th verse, which is factored as 3 x 13^2 x 61.

        The 61st Triangular number 1891 digits 1+8+9+1 = 19, an upside-down 61.    1961

Hi Kevin,

   The ASCII value of 'barack hussein obama' (lowercase) is 612+767+512 = 1891 !!!!!!