Kevin Heckle (10 Sep 2009)
"Barack IS the EIGHTH!"


Barack is the Eighth

By: Kevin Heckle

Revelation 17:10-11 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.  (11) And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

        At the time of the Apostle John’s writing of the Book of Revelation, which was probably around 69-70 AD at the earliest, the emperorship of Rome was in contention.  On 6-9-68 AD, Nero the FIFTH emperor of Rome committed suicide.  This sparked a struggle for power that lasted about a year and a half culminating in Vespasian becoming the permanent emperor on 12-21-69 AD. He defeated three usurpers; Galba, Otho and Vitellius to become emperor of Rome.  Vespasian retained power for about ten years until his death on 6-23-79 AD.  His son Titus, whom destroyed the Temple, only held the office from the death of his father in 79 AD until September 13, 81 AD when he died.  Out of these first seven emperors of Rome, Titus was the one to disperse the Jews prior to ascending to the throne. 

FIVE FALLEN KINGS at the time of John’s writing Revelation:

1.  Augustus

2.  Tiberius

3.  Caligula

4.  Claudius

5.  Nero (Died 68 AD)

ONE IS (Occupied the office of emperor at John’s writing Revelation)

6.  Vespasian (Overcame three usurpers on 12-21-69)

THE OTHER NOT YET COME; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. 

7.  Titus (destroyed the Temple in 70 AD, became emperor in 79 and died only a few short years later in 81)


8.  Beast? (Antichrist) Will be of Roman Descent

According to Richard L. Wills research at Barack Hussein Obama fits EXACTLY as he is the 59th Great Grandson of Caesar Augustus!!!! 

By my reckoning, the count stopped with the death of the Roman (Titus) whom previously dispersed the Jews in 70 AD.  Barack IS the EIGHTH in line starting with Caesar Augustus, suspended after Titus (the destroyer of the Temple).  The Eighth could only come to power in the 42nd year after Jerusalem was restored (1967) as there are only a total of 49 years in the final 70th week (7 DAYS X 7 YEARS). The antichrist has to hold office at the beginning of Tribulation to implement the peace treaty.  He also has to be in power mid-way through until the end for 42 months (possessed by Satan) to be defeated and cast into the lake of fire (goeth into perdition) by Jesus.

What are some other indicators that Barack is the One?

1.  BARACK Born August 4, 1961

a.   August-4-70AD is when the Temple was destroyed

1)         8-4 is the 216th day (6x6x6)

b.   …and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

1)    The 19th Prime inclusive of one is 61

2)    The sum of the 18 primes 2 through 61 equals 501, the Hebrew gematria of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

3)   The 61st Triangular number is 1891.  There are exactly 1891 years between 70 AD and 1961 AD, BARACK’s birth year. 

So not only is Barack a descendant of the people whom destroyed the Temple, his BIRTH MONTH, BIRTH DAY and BIRTH YEAR are determined by the end of the war resulting in the destruction of the Temple!!!!

2.  June 5, 1967, during the Six-Day War, the Israelis captured Jerusalem for the first time since August 4, 70 AD.  On June 28, 1967 there government annexed East Jerusalem as Israeli territory. 

a.   The U.S. President LB Johnson (properly elected in 1964) was in office in 1967 beginning a COUNT of EIGHT properly elected presidents       

 i.   LBJ

ii.    Nixon (Ford took office when Nixon resigned and was never elected)

iii.            Carter 

iv.             Reagan

v.                Bush Sr.

vi.             Clinton (sixth)

vii.          Bush Jr. (pass over the enforcement of taxes, ie. “raiser of taxes” as the Hebrew word is used in this instance one time in the Bible as ‘raiser’.  The rest of its uses are as pass over, pass by, etc. The word ‘taxes’ in this instance is not a noun, rather a verb that means ‘enforcement.’  Bush’s tax cuts will EXPIRE, reverting back to previous levels….thus over passing taxes.)

viii.       Obama (EIGHTH) spreads the wealth around in the fattest places of the province (bailouts), changes times and laws, comes in peaceably with flatteries and does not have the honor of the kingdom (questions surrounding his birth place and rapidly declining popularity)

a.    Obama comes to power in his 47th year.  The reduced gematria of ‘president’ is 47; the Greek gematria of ‘beast’ is 47; the ordinal gematria of 1st and 2nd John (where the word ‘antichrist’ appears has a value of 47; 47 is one of the only 2 powers of 666 in which all the digits add to 666.  The other is 51.  (Incidentally, the word ‘president’, Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden all have a common gematria value of 110, 660 AND 47 (Hitler does not have the 47)

b.   At mid-tribulation (2012-2013) Barack will be 51, the other power of 666 in which all the digits add to 666.

c.    Obama comes to power in 2009, 42 years after East Jerusalem is annexed by the Israelis in the Six Day War(1967) OR six days (day = 7 years as per Sir Isaac Newton) of the 70th week.  The final day (7 year Tribulation) begins with a peace treaty expected before the end of 2009.

d.   In September of 2009, Barack Obama will be the first President to EVER preside over the UN Security Council, over the Ten ‘kings without a kingdom’ which are the ten non-permanent members of the Council, whom he possibly will give power ‘one hour’.

e.    The 42nd Item on the Council’s agenda is the permanent Palestinian state to be established INCLUDING EAST JERUSALEM won by the Israelis 42 years before.

f.      If the beginning of the final week started in June of 1967, the last year of Tribulation will be 2016 .  Barack will be 55 years old.

                                                                                                i.        Satan and Obama share a common gematria value of 55.  Added together = 110, same as Adolf Hitler and Osama

                                                                                             ii.      55 is at the central 3rd core value of the 73rd triangular number 2701, which is also the gematria value of the first seven words of the Bible (Genesis 1:1).

                                                                                          iii.      Understanding dark sentences, Barack made the comment that he would finish his work on his second 72nd day and rest on the second 73rd after the first 100 days.  That date was 7-11-2009, which is 1260 days (42 lunar months) to the dreaded date of 12-21, 2012.  711 is also the reverse of his standard gematria (Barack) of 117. 

                                                                                           iv.      The satellite values of both the 72nd and the 73rd triangular numbers are the triplet of 666 or 1998 and the composite gematria value of his full name.

                                                                                              v.      The core value (630) of the 72nd triangular number (Barack finishes his work) is derived by the product 1260/2.  The antichrist works for 1260 days (42 lunar months) possessed by Satan the final 3.5 years.

                                                                                           vi.      The core value (703) of the 73rd triangular number (2701) contains the gematria values of Barry Soetoro (171), man (45) and Satan (55).

g.    The 50th year from 1967 is 2017, a permutation of 2701 and the Jubilee year.  The 17th year of the second millennium of Christianity, the first year of Jesus 1000 year reign.  17 is the sum of 7 and 10, spiritual perfection and completion.