Kevin Heckle (7 July 2010)
"Obama’s Margin of Victory in Revelation, 234, 1776 and other “Coincidences”"


Obama’s Margin of Victory in Revelation, 234, 1776 and other “Coincidences”

There are two beasts in the book of Revelation 12 and 13 representative of Satan (dragon) and the antichrist (beast rising from the sea).  The simplest interpretation counting the heads, horns and crowns of each:  Satan has 24 and the antichrist has 27.  Together they total 51.  The 50 states of America plus the 1 District of Columbia (allowed voting in the presidential election) also total 51.  Is this just a coincidence?  It could be.  The heads, horns and crowns do represent dominions.  However, when you calculate the percentages another amazing coincidence occurs.  The antichrist’s heads, horns and crowns which total 27, divided by 51 equals 52.9% which is EXACTLY the margin of victory that Obama held over all other candidates in the 2008 elections.   

The other possible count of heads, horns and crowns is 66 (dragon) and 117 (beast rising from the sea).  “Coincidentally,” the Standard English gematria value of BARACK is also 117.  When you add the 4 possible values together; 24, 27, 66 and 117 the total is 234!

“Coincidentally,” 234 also is the GREEK ordinal-1 value of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, which of course leads to the other BHO coincidence as the GREEK ordinal 6-6 value of BARACK OBAMA is 738 or 6+66+666.  Did I mention that the GREEK ordinal 6-6 value of HUSSEIN is 666?

Now among these ‘coincidental’ 234 related things, being America’s 234th year and it having a president at the time whose name in Greek equals 234, I was curious what the first word in the Bible was, that also had a value of 234 (Hebrew).  It occurs in Genesis 12:3 and it is the Hebrew word BARAK.  Not being one to ignore numbers, I noticed that the product of the verse numbers there (12:3) was 36, also the English ordinal 1-1 value of BARACK.  Did you know that if you add together all of the numbers 1 through 36 that the value is 666?  I know, just a “coincidence”.   

We also shouldn’t read anything into the fact that Obama’s 234th full day in office was 9-11-2009, the first anniversary of that horrific event whilst he occupied the office of commander-in-chief.  Of course it is only by chance that his official name; President Barack Hussein Obama (second) has an English ordinal 1-1 value of 1998 which is the triplet of 666. 

That verse where we get the dreaded beastly number of 666 is 13:18.  What chance is it that the product of that verse (13 x 18) is also 234? As a side note to 13:18 I thought it odd, though somewhat contrived (I rounded the 4th decimal place by the 5th) that the 234th year divided by the start date of our declared rebellion against the king in 1776 (234 / 1776) equals .1318 (which is the verse in Revelation).  2 Chronicles 9:13 is another verse which the Bible uses the number 666.  Perplexingly, the verse numbers there (2 x 9 x 13) also have a product of 234!  That ‘prince to come’ speaking of the antichrist in Daniel 9:26, also has a product of 234.

What a conundrum that that Greek speaking Antiochus IV Epiphanes, that antichrist archetype, has an English Ordinal 1-1 value of 234 while the English speaking Barack Hussein Obama inversely has a Greek Ordinal 1-1 value of 234.  How does that happen?

Surely God would know that someone like me would someday notice all of these ‘coincidences’  in the context of a world leader of the most powerful country in the world.  Is it a stretch to make the connection between Obama and that ‘vile person’ in the book of Daniel?  I love America, but could it be that a majority (at least 52.9%) of our citizens have ‘fallen away’ allowing such evil to come to power in this 234th year?  Should we ignore the fact that BHO’s chief lieutenant Rahm Emanuel (whose name means ‘self-exalted God with us’) has an English ordinal 6-6 value of 666 or what about his man presiding over the Gulf oil spill ‘opportunity’; Secretary of the Navy Edwin Mabus (also 666 by the same method) whose name appears in Nostradamus’ writing as affiliated with the antichrist.  

What of the amazing ‘coincidence’ that appears in the sky and the Bible starting from the pole star Polaris and then drawing a line following in order as the Bible describes the antichrist in Revelation 13: like a leopard (Camelopardalis); the feet of the bear (Ursa Major); the mouth of the lion (Leo) and finally piercing the head of the sea beast (Hydra) whose head wound heals):  That line crosses the ecliptic exactly on the 216th day of the year (216 = 6x6x6) which is August 4, at 7:24 PM in the Hawaiian time zone.

Should we look for another?  Will Israel have another rebirth followed by another generation before the appearance of the ‘man of sin’ or is this it, the prerequisite to the Great Tribulation?  Spreading the wealth in the fattest places of the province (Wall Street) is unprecedented and has surely led to our further collapse.  Who would have thought that hard-earned tax payer monies would be used to pay the bonuses of failed rich men?  Obama regards no god but the god of safety, substituting government for the real source of our sustenance; which is the ONE TRUE GOD. 

Jesus never said anything off-handed, yet he said that he saw Satan as lightning.  Spoken in Hebrew, the word for lightning is BARAK!  Is it just coincidence that BHO was so afraid of the lightning, that he cancelled his Memorial Day speech?

Is it coincidence or providence?  Time will tell.



Kevin H.

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