Kevin Heckle (24 July 2009)
"The Number of the Beast Solved?"

I could only send this as a pdf file because I couldn't paste the illustrations
to the email.  I don't know why.  The illustrations are essential.  I hope you
can post it to the site as it is the most amazing numerical evidence that I've
personally had the privalidge to unravel, thanks to yourself, Bob Ware and a
fellow named Vernon Jenkins.  I truly think, based on the clues in Revelation
that this is the solution to The Number of the Beast.  I think you will agree.
If it is not Barack, it is his hidden twin or perhaps someone who will take the
same name ;-).  

Brother in Christ,
Kevin H.

Wow! Thanks, Kevin.
Keep cracking at it. We are almost there, if not there already.
I have discovered some time ago that the sum of all
palindromic triangles up to 666 tells the same story.

1+3+6+55+66+171+595+666 = 1563 = 55 (O) + 357 (BO) + 1151 (BHO)  !!!!!!

Remarkably, two of these palindromic triangles are 55 (Obama; Hebrew standard value) and 171 (Barry Soetoro; English ordinal value).

Also, the sum of the first SIX palindromic triangles is:

1+3+6+55+66+171 = 302 (Barack in Hebrew) !!

The numbers are all pointing to him.


ברק  חוסיין  אובאמה
5      40    1    2     6    1       700 10 10 60   6   8       100  200   2
               'O' (55)             +          'H' (794)           +      'B' (302)     =  1151