Kevin Heckle (19 June 2009)
"666 BARAK: The Son of Abinoam"



Judges:  Barak the Son of Abinoam

By: Kevin Heckle

In Judges 4:6, the name in the Bible that comes close to our President’s is BARAK.  Interestingly, he is the son of Abinoam, which has all of the letters of Obama IN it (OBAMA IN = ABINOAM). In fact, if you spell backwards from the O, removing the IN, the spelling is O, B, A, M, A.   Using the Hebrew Gematria (number value’s for each Hebrew letter) as listed in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia , these are the values that are the total of our 44th President’s name in Hebrew.  Using the actual Hebrew letters for ‘Abinoam’, the total for that name is 173.  Removing the ‘yodh’ (i) =10 and ‘nun’ (n) = 50 from ABINOAM leaving the remaining letters for OBAMA has a value of 113.  Searching the lexicon in this link, you will find that Baraq is a 3 letter Hebrew word (the vowels ‘a’ are omitted).  It has a value of 302.  As I’ve said before, the meaning of the name BARAK (spelling in the KJV) is ‘lightning’.  Jesus said, “I beheld Satan as ‘lightning’ fall from heaven.” in Luke 10:18.  Of course, ‘Hussein’ is not listed in the Bible.  However, you can check my Hebrew spelling of ‘HUSSEIN’ for yourself.  The ‘Vav’ used for the U is used as a vowel sounding like moon. The ‘Ayin’ replaces the EI and has the same sound as sing.  The rest are consonants all adding to 251.  THE TOTAL OF THE THREE NUMBERS IS 666. 


B  A  R  A  C  K(Strongs 1301)=     302

Bet     a(silent)    Resh            a(silent)     Kuf(Qoph)                                 

2          +          200     +          100     =          302

H  U   S   S   E I   N =      251

He     Vav(waw)       Samekh     Samekh             Ayin              Nun

5     +    6     +   60   +   60       +   70     +    50    =          251 

O  B   A   M   A     =       113

Ayin        Beth           a (silent)       Mem             Aleph

70   +   2           +             40    +      1     =     113                                                             

                               =       666