Kevin Heckle (18 June 2009)
"BARACK's Signature is 666"


Obama’s Signature Denotes 666

By: Kevin Heckle

Someone yesterday had a post that linked to a picture that revealed Barack Hussein Obama’s signature always includes the symbol of PHI, as the O in OBAMA is crossed through, which is the symbol of the Golden Ratio.  In effect, this symbol is an admission of his beastly number each time he signs his name.

Here is the formula for PHI as relates to the circle O (in Obama):   

-(sin(666)+ cos(6*6*6)) =PHI = 1.61803398874948……

The term ANTI-PHI is simply: 

 (sin(666)) *2 = (negative) -1.61803398874948……



Phi is also related to the Fibonacci sequence and the hidden indicators of 117 (BARACK), 43 (He is the 43rd different President AND follows the 43rd President (BUSH) to occupy the 56th Term!


Hmmm..... Pretty fascinating connections between 666 and PHI.

Thanks, Kevin!