Kevin Heckle (19 March 2009)
"Barack and 666 degrees of a Circle"


One interesting thing about Obama's birth date, if our calendar were around back then, his birthday of the 4th of August, I believe would have been a day or two from the 9th of Av in 70 AD (maybe even the day) which is the destruction of the Temple and the scattering of the Jews.  As you know, their reassembly in Israel was the beginning of the end times.  In Daniel, it is said that the prince (antichrist) is of the people who destroyed the temple.  Titus destroyed the temple, egged on by his Jewish mistress Bernese.  Aside from repelling the Jewish revolt, Titus served in Britain, Germany and North Africa (Titus’ father was in leadership there) before becoming emperor of Rome.  Barack Obama’s mother is of British and German descent and his father of African, all Roman territories.  It’s not implausible that Barack descended from any of those lines as well as Jewish, through Bernice intermarrying with the tribe of Dan.  It would be impossible to prove the lineage either way, but not impossible that Titus sired children in Britain, Germany or a lineage sired by his father in North Africa.  In fact, Titus’ mother was the mistress of an African knight prior to marrying the emperor his father(the 1st Titus).  Younger Titus (temple destroyer) was best friends with Nero’s son Britannia before he was poisoned. 

Interestingly, one columnist in England proclaimed that Obama was the modern day Titus.  Apparently, Titus was the most popular Roman Emperor with the people, ever.  It was him who built the Coliseum in Rome and was in power when Vesuvius erupted burying Pompeii. He was only in power for two years.  During that time Rome suffered a volcano, plaque, a major fire in the city and his own untimely death.  It was rumored that he thought those tribulations were God’s punishment for destroying the Temple in Jerusalem.  America sits on seven hills, its reach unto all the seven continents and is surely the revived Roman Empire in structure, conquest, trade and lineage through Rome’s European lands.  New York is that port city named in Revelation and is the seat of the global government, the UN.  America is a different country than any other as described by Daniel.  That nation would be known by its consumption of the earth’s resources.  I said all of that to say this:  it is clear that Barack is the plausible AntiChrist, if not the one.

Kevin H.
You're a genius, Kevin!
Your 666 illustration below resembles Obama's inverted 666 symbol!

Also, 144 is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Hussein'!

The sum of the first 144 digits of pi is 666 ! (see link)


The Antichrist and 666 Degrees of a Circle

By: Kevin Heckle

As you will recall, my opinion is that Barack Hussein Obama is an Antichrist, if not thee one.  I believe he is.  As I and others have documented, he matches the numerical and gematria criteria for the beast as described in the Bible.  I don’t believe in coincidences as far as the Bible is concerned.  An omniscient God would know how man would number his Word.  For instance, it was found that the chapter and verse of Revelation 13:18, while proclaiming the number 666, also was related to 793 as a divisor of the 30,927th verse (also note the 3, 9 and 7 in the verse number) and mathematically  6, 66 and 666 are the triangular roots of the star numbers 73, 793 and 7993. Interestingly, the 7 has a meaning of completeness, 9 equals’ judgment and3 the Trinity of God.  Together the number has the meaning, ‘the complete judgment of God.’  While the relationship between a triangular and figurate star number stops at 666 & 7993, the calculation goes on infinitely.  (66666 x 12)+1=799993.  Another correlation of our new President is the number of the singular word ‘beast’ in the book of Revelation.  Counting the number of the word ‘beast’, you will find there are 44.  Notable, being that Barack Hussein Obama is our 44th President.  Another amazing correlation is the Biblical book, chapter and verse in which the grammatical equivalent of BARACK is found.  The Book of Judges 4:6 introduces us to BARAK, the SON of ABINOAM.  The first instance of the grammatically correct name is Judges 4:6.  The Ordinal Gematria value of JUDGES is 66 and the ratio of 4:6 = .66666666666. What is more interesting, all of the letters of OBAMA are IN ABINOAM.  In fact, removing the IN from ABINOAM and spelling backwards in order from the O is O, B, A, M, A.  It has also been found that the Ordinal Gematria (English) value of Barack is 36 which is the Pythagorean value of 666 (counting by triangular numbers). 

As I recounted those, among many other evidences in my video at it occurred to me to count 666 degrees of a CIRCLE.  I had read that the sine of a 666 degree angle was half of negative PHI or -.80901699… and referred to as ANTI-PHI.  PHI, as you know is the Golden Ration by which much of nature is designed and is embedded by our Creator in the proportions of the human body or MAN.  If you started at 0 degrees on a CIRCLE and rotated 666 degrees, you would pass 360 degrees once and end up 54 degrees shy of the 360 degree mark (at 306 degrees).  Interestingly, 360 divided by 54 is 6.666666666…, the difference between 54 and a right angle is 36 degrees and 36/54 = .66666666… as God imbedded in mathematical law.  As I was pondering God’s wondrous and infinite intellect, it occurred to me to Count the ROTATIONS of 666 degrees.  It takes a total of 20 rotations of 666 degrees to arrive back at the beginning of 0 degrees.  What I found in between and beyond that was AMAZING.  Recalling the first occurrence of BARAK in Judges 4:6, I wondered what angle would hit on the 4th and 6th rotation of 666 degrees.  The 4th rotation hit at 144 degrees! In fact, the 4th, 44th, 444th ….rotations all hit at 144 degrees!  BARACK is our 44th President born 444 minutes afternoon.  The 6th Rotation of 666 degrees landed on 36 degrees, the triangular root of 666 and the Ordinal value of his given name BARACK!  666 degrees of rotation lands on Barack’s number (36) 36 degrees on the 6th, 66th, 666th, 6666th…. times!  It made me wonder what angle would be hit on the 36th rotation of 666 degrees.  The angle was 216 degrees which is the CUBE of 6 (6x6x6 = 216) and the day of the year that Barack was born (August 4).  Rotating 666 degrees of a circle (after the 20th turn) the base angle of 18 degrees is established.  In other words, 666 degrees will ALWAYS hit in 18 degree increments.  18 is of course 6+6+6, but is more interestingly the Reduced Standard Value of BARACK.  Reducing 666 degrees of a circle to its base increments is the same as the base value of BARACK.  Now if you think there is nothing to this CIRCLE thing, guess where the angle of the 13th rotation of 666 degrees hits?  It is at 18 degrees.  Revelation 13:18 is where the 666 number occurs!  The 18th Rotation of 666 degrees lands on 108 degrees which is 6 x (6+6+6) and the Ordinal Gematria Value of BARACK OF HAWAII


To keep track of the order of rotations of 666 around a 12” circle, I asked the CAD program to increase the length of the line progressively by a ratio of 4/3rds or 1.3333…. at each stop so that I could number the order.  The 1st was 6”, 2nd @ 8”, 3rd at 10.666’ and so on.  I had it restart, to the shortest line (6” radius) after passing the 1st, 7th and 13th rotation of 666 degrees so that the line wouldn’t be too long for the page, and it was 6 rotations apart.  4/3rds is a ratio I found in the Book of Revelation (counting ‘thirds’) as well as 1st John 4:3.  4/3rds is also .6666666… x 2.  Plotting a line from the end of the 1st line to the end of the 2nd line was 6.6” in length.  From the 2nd to the third was 8.8” in length, EXACTLY the same ratio of 4:3 which was unexpected.  The next segment was 11.73333..” and so on until the 6th rotation where I started over at the 7th.  I immediately noticed that it had formed a squared off 6 (middle figure below) repeated three times.  I asked the CAD program to use those points to plot three curves (a 4th would be past zero degrees) and you can see the resulting 666.