Kevin Heckle (9 Dec 2009)
"The Amazing Providential 234!"


The Amazing Providential 234!

In the endeavor to discover the secret of the cipher ‘666’, in Revelation 13:18, I’ve found that the number ‘234’ pops-up around every corner.  I read the account that Vincent Tan gave regarding his possible encounter with an angel and the ‘change’ he left totaling $2.34.  However, the value of 234 and its connection to the 666 cipher was first evident in the verse itself as 13 x 18 = 234.  Another verse in which the number 666 appears is 2 Chronicles 9:13 which also multiplies to 234 (2 x 9 x 13).  Relating to the number of the beast, one of the key verses describing the antichrist is Daniel 9:26 which also multiplies (9 x 26) to 234.  Is it coincidence or providence?  Some would say that chapter and verses are randomly assigned and any meaning given to them would be tantamount to divination or necromancy.  While some may use Bible chapter and verse for predictive purposes, it is not my intention to ever encourage or condone those practices.  I will say with conviction that I believe that God ordained chapter and verse to rightly divide His Word, even though it is a relatively recent addition.  The patterns are evident and can be more accurately described by visiting  The purpose of this article is to display all of the connections involving the number 234, the suspected antichrist, Bible gematria and mathematics.

As described in some of the occurrences of 234 and the multiples of 234

1.  The Ordinal 6-6 Hebrew value of LUCIFER is 234!

2.  The gematria of the sea beast is 1404 (6 times 234!)

3.  The Heads, Horns and Crowns of the Dragon total to either 24 or 66.  The 24th triangular number is 300 which has a satellite value total of 234 which leaves 66 as the remaining core value.  The dragon either has 24 (17+7) OR 66 (17+(7x7))

4.  24, 27, 66 and 117 are the total minimum and maximum Heads, Horns and Crowns of the dragon and the beast.  The total of those four possible numbers is 234!

5.  1404 is twelve times the English standard of Barack.

a.   1404 is the Greek standard value of twelfth.  Islam is looking for the appearance of the 12th Imam, which could be the antichrist as 12 is also the product of the third verse in which the word antichrist appears (John’s Puzzle).

b.  Did you know that the Biblical descriptions of Satan in the NT occur in Matthew 12, John 12 and Revelation 12?  Three times twelve is 36, the number of times the singular word SATAN appears in the NT, the Triangular root of 666 and the Ordinal 1-1 value of Barack (36).

6.  1404 is the Greek Ordinal 6-6 value of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  Barack Obama = 738 or 6+66+666 and Hussein = 666.  738+666 = 1404.

7.  1404 is Strong’s Greek number for DRAGON as in Revelation 12.

8.  The archetype of the antichrist is Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He has the same Ordinal 1-1 and Ordinal 6-6 values as BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  The only other person on the world scene today that has those same values is Prince HENRY of England.

Ordinal 1-1


Ordinal 6-6


Barack Hussein Obama

Ordinal 1-1


Ordinal 6-6


Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Ordinal 1-1


Ordinal 6-6


Henry Charles Albert David(Prince)


10.              The FIRST occurrence of the gematria value 234 in the Bible is in Genesis 12:3 and is the Hebrew word BARAQ!

a.   12 x 3 = 36, again the connection of the chapter and verse number to the English gematria value (Ord. 1-1) of BARACK (36)

11.              The LAST occurrence of the gematria value 234 in the OT is in Zephaniah 2:7 which is Strong’s Hebrew word H6485 meaning NUMBER!

a.   2 x 7 = 14.  14 is the reduced gematria value of his LAST name OBAMA!

12.              In the article ‘Barack and 666 degrees of a Circle’  every 666 degree of a rotation, landing at 18 degree angles, lands on a number that is related to BHO.  To prove it’s a plausible argument, the 13th rotation of 666 lands exactly, for the first time on 18 degrees.  Revelation 13:18 is where the cipher occurs.  First noticed by Phil of Australia, every angle that each 666 degree rotation lands on is ALWAYS reducible or has a digital root of 9 which makes 9 a significant factor.  The 9th rotation of 666 degrees lands on, you guessed it, 234 degrees!

13.              The cube plus the triplet of SIX totals to 234

14.              666 can be made up of the 8th and 9th triangular numbers, which is six of the 8th (36) and ten of the 9th (45).  The 9th has a total of 450 and the 8th totals 216.  The difference is 234.

15.              135+531 = 666.  234 is the only other non-repdigit that added to its reverse sums to 666.  234+432=666.

16.              All three-digit repdigits are divisible by 37.  The 37th multiple of 234 is the 13th multiple of 666 (8658) AND the SUM of the FIRST FOUR PERFECT NUMBERS! 

17.              The gematria of the first verse of Genesis has a value of 2701, made up of 1998 (666 x 3) as its triangular satellite value and 703 as its core.  If you divided the core by three as the satellite is, the value is 234.333333!

18.              The gematria value of the ‘depths of Satan’ in Revelation 2:24 is 1035.  Adding it to its reverse 5301 yields the palindromic number 6336.  Any palindromic number containing the numbers 3, 6 or 9, when multiplied by 37 will always yield a palindromic number.  6336 x 37 = 234,432.  Half is 117,216.  6+3+3+6 = 1863 36 divided by 37 is 171.2.  The point is, the gematria value of the ‘depths of Satan’ yields a unique number that reveals 36, 216, 117, 18, 63 and 171.  The first four are the English gematria values of BARACK which total to 387, also the Greek gematria value of DEVIL.  The last two, 63 and 171 are the Ordinal 1-1 and reduced values of Barry Soetoro.  While I know this particular analysis of ‘depths of Satan’ is highly manipulated, the result would not be the same if its gematria value were any other number.  The word Satan occurring in the NT 36 times, occurs a 37th in the possessive form (Satan’s).

19.              Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HA.   Interestingly, BHO came into power in 2009.  From his birth date and time (in Hawaii) to January 1, 2009 (EST) there are exactly 17,316 days OR 666 x (13x2) OR 234 x (37x2).  What is equally amazing regarding the divisors of 17,316 (occurring as days) which are 666 & 13 OR 234 & 37 is this:  The 234th multiple of 37 is EQUAL to the 666th multiple of 13, which is the number 8,658.  THIS IS THE SUM OF THE FIRST 4 PERFECT NUMBERS!  6+28+496+8128=8658 (See note #16)

20.              BHO’s 234th full day in office was September 11, 2009.

21.              Other than 666, one of the most interesting and studied Biblical numbers is 153, which appears in the Book of John as Peter nets 153 (specific) fish from the sea.  The SUM of the divisors of 153 (1, 3, 9, 17, 51, 153) = you guessed it, 234!!!!  The PRODUCT of the divisors of 153 = 23409 which is ALSO the SQUARE of 153!!!!  153x153=23,409.   The SUM of the aliquot divisors (excluding 153) of 153 is 81OR 9 squared.

In Christ,

Kevin Heckle