Kevin Heckle (14 Jan 2009)
"Consider this carefully"

Please consider carefully the two attached files.  It may only take 10 minutes
of your time.  The pdf file can be read if you have a pdf reader program.  They
are free online at this link.  If you are
curious about the details, the other attachment is an Excel file.  You will
need the latest version to read my notes on the subject.  If after review, you
consider it plausible, send it to everyone you can. This should go to all who
will hear.  If you do not consider it plausible after careful review, then by
all means delete it from your computer.  

I simply added the numbers.  BARACK is only a few days from becoming the most
powerful man in the world.

Best Regards,

Kevin Heckle Sr.
Wow! Thanks, Kevin.