Kevin Heckle (3 Oct 2009)
"Discovery - Please Read"

By: Kevin Heckle

        It has been a privilege to have been posted on this site, not only for the normal daily postings but the front page links as well.  I appreciate the forum which John Tng has so whole-heartedly dedicated to maintaining.  As far as I can tell, he’s never asked for anything in return.  I know webhosting is not free.  Thanks to Mr. Tng for his time and efforts, not only maintain the website, but especially for his study and timely articles of prophetic discovery.  The Biblical discoveries that have been posted here relating to end-times prophecy have been captivating to say the least.  
I came to Christ when He called back in 1979 and it was through the reading of a book called the ‘Late Great Planet Earth’ by Hal Lindsay.  I had made a profession of faith much younger, but really didn’t come to know the Lord until reading the Plan of Salvation at the end of that book on prophecy.  I know Hal Lindsay wasn’t correct on every aspect of prophecy and I do not know his specific theological views, but I am grateful that he included in his book a truth that cannot be confused.  That is, ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  We ALL need a Savior and His name is Jesus Christ.  After reading that book, I prayed for Jesus to save me and He did.  I was baptized, joined a church and eventually met my wife through composing and singing Gospel music.  The discovery of Jesus Christ is the most important revelation we will ever make in life, as it sets us on the right path. I hope that if any are lost, somehow finding
 themselves here at this Five Doves website, they will discover Jesus before it is too late.  
During the election last year I began to recognize some similarities between Barack Obama and the Biblical description of the antichrist.  I especially noticed people’s response to him.  News reporters getting ‘tingles’ when hearing him speak, women fainting in his presence and his eventual landslide victory over a distinguished war hero.  Several previous elections had been decided by very narrow margins.  I really didn’t know much about Obama.  No one did, which made it much more unfathomable that a stranger could rise to the helm of the most powerful nation on the earth so quickly.  The American people were duped by his flatteries.  When he gave his acceptance speech that dark night in Chicago, I perceived an evil had won over the hearts and minds of a vast majority of Americans.  It was a dark day for the unborn.  It was a dark day for the liberties of the born.  I understood the glee of the African-American community and in some
 sense was glad to see their tears of joy.  However, it is sad he was the one.  It is too bad Barack was the first AA president and not someone like Ms. Rice (who actually experienced and overcame racial oppression).  As many African Americans perceived it, one of their own had achieved a victory for all.  Even though his African lineage wasn’t American (Kenyan father), not sharing in the heritage of suffering oppression, Barack appeared to be one of them.  I’ve often wondered if the reason he hides his birth certificate, is not because it would reveal his citizenship, but it would identify him as Caucasian.  Mostly, I’ve wondered why preachers and pastors in ANY Christian American community could support a candidate that was so much an enemy of the unborn.  
A few days after his election, I read a brief article that reported the first lottery in Illinois following the election, had a ‘Pick-3’ number of 666.  I didn’t put much stock in that bit of information (proving my suspicions of his antichrist status) but it did prompt me to do some digging.  The very first thing I discovered was the fact his first name had a gematria value of 36, the root of 666.  I became consumed by study and calculation.  Each time I felt I had reached an ending, the Spirit would prompt me to another discovery.  In these ‘last days’, the passage of Daniel 12:4 indicates knowledge would increase and many would run ‘to and fro’.  That prophecy has been spectacularly fulfilled in the internet.  The seal has been broken and prophecy is being revealed.  We can travel to any library, commentary, Bible version, mathematic, opinion, etc. in the fraction of the second it takes to click the mouse.  Searching (Googling)
 the BHO number 793, I came across the Five Doves website early in January 2009.  I had NEVER heard of the site before.  What I came to discover was the fact that John Tng, a person on the other side of the planet, had arrived at similar conclusions to my own.  Something was happening and I believed it was spiritual, I still do. There were things John had to say that I hadn’t considered (or fathomed for that matter) and I believe vice versa for him.  In early January of 2009, I realized there was a definitive code in the chapter and verse numbers where the word ‘antichrist’ appears in the Bible.  If it were a code anyway, it definitely matched BHO to a tee.  I remember on the 9th day of January 2009 at around 9PM, I discovered that one of the calculated prime totals (1338) when divided by 666 equaled 2.009009009.  That is the honest to goodness truth (the time).  I called it ‘John’s Antichrist Puzzle’.  I prepared an email called
 ‘Consider This Carefully’, sent it out to my email list and to John Tng.  My email list thought me a quack (probably still do), but John Tng published it on the Five Doves site.  Since then, hundreds of pages have been produced by John Tng, Bob Ware, me and others all pointing to the same conclusion about the President.  
One interesting aspect of discovery, at least for me, is the way things have been revealed through each of us orchestrated by the Spirit.  Various approaches have led to alternate (yet the same) conclusions.  It’s like two student numismatistsstanding on opposite sides of an ancient coin, unaware the other person is deciphering his own side.  They then stand in front of their peers to report the very same conclusion, albeit from a different approach.  The Master put them to the task.  Two witnesses testifying to the same conclusions are better than one.  Three is superior.  There are times when I’ve spent days to ‘discover’ something new and spectacular, only to then come across the same conclusion found earlier by others.  I’ve even ‘rediscovered’ some profound things in my own conclusions found months ago yet forgotten.  I think though it is by the providence of God.  He’ll reveal something but hide it from sight or memory so
 that we’ll dig deeper, more fully uncovering the mosaic of Scripture.  Proof often pops-up where I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to.  These are exciting times as prophecy is seemingly being fulfilled on a daily basis.  Where there is the proverbial smoke, there is fire.  
Jesus made a more succinct statement about identifying the ‘end times’ when He said, ‘Wherever the carcass is, there will be the eagles (vultures) gathered.’  The preponderance of evidence of this being the last age is compelling.  The buzzards are a cloud around the benchmark sign of the tribulation, the antichrist.  Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro is literally the ‘anti’ in antichrist.  Does he have a choice to fulfill that destiny?  Did Judas have a choice? It could be.  In the languages of Hebrew, Greek, English and mathematics though, Barack Hussein Obama is the 666 by providence of his name.  He more than qualifies Biblically.  Will he be empowered by the dragon, that old slewfoot Satan?  Time will tell. If our discoveries from the Bible are correct, the story has already been told.