Keith Arndt (15 July 2009)
"attention John Tng ;  666 article"

Hello John, i had read your article awhile back, and your research into 666.  What is interesting, is that the Lord had led me to the same conclusions, and research was being completed  about the same time you came out with this info.  What He showed me , was from somewhat of a different angle.  As far as the gematria, but it is truly, identification of the same results.  If you would be interested in looking at this information.  I'd gladly send you a copy of the book , that the Lord so gracefully, gave me wisdom in writing.  It is called lightning and thunder, the road to perdition.
Otherwise i also have it for e-book at this website.
Anyway thought you might be interested , in what is  similar research.  As we exhort each other , as we see our redemption drawing closer.
                                                                                       blessings in the name of our savior, Jesus.
                                                                                                       keith arndt
Thanks, Keith!
I have downloaded the e-book.