John Tng (27 Jun 2021)
"The Rise of the Antichrist"

Dear Doves,

About a year ago, through a series of numbers, the LORD reaffirmed my belief that Obama is the Antichrist. I wrote extensively about him a decade ago before I ran out of numbers. I am hoping with the recent 'number' encounter, God is sending the message that the Antichrist is about to show up. Having sat on the numbers I received for close to a year, I was nudged by the Spirit to share the new numbers to encourage the doves.

If the Antichrist is near, Jesus is even nearer. When the sky appears red in the morning, bad weather will follow shortly. Jesus famously said that. Many Bible teachers admonish against speculating the identity of the man of sin. I beg to differ. The whole point about calculating the number of the beast is not to look for the beast. We are looking for Jesus to whisk us out of this sad world before the beast appears. Jesus first, then the beast.

The Lord did not forbid us to figure out who the beast is. In fact, the Wonderful Numberer challenged us to solve the 666 riddle. He placed His signature on the beast scripture, Re 13:18, and sealed it with these words, "and his number is  Six hundred threescore and six" -- these words have the same Greek gematria value for 'Jesus Christ' (2368).


On Aug 2, 2020, I drove out the car park at my residence. While approaching the exit, I saw the number 666 displayed on the LED panel at the exit barrier indicating the number of vacant lots. Instinctively, I cast a glance at the digital clock on my car dashboard; it read 11:06 am. This got me excited as the time is precisely 666 minutes past midnight! What is God trying to tell me with this double 666 sign?

Two weeks later on Aug 15, 2020, another strange thing happened when I was viewing a YouTube clip on my mobile phone. The numbers gave me pause and I instantly captured a screenshot of it (see below). Let me assure the readers that every thing I am sharing in this post actually happened. I may have edited the screenshot to trim it, in no way did I doctor it to fit my numbers.

I viewed the above clip at 11:06 pm, precisely 666 minutes past midday. More intriguingly, there were 793 comments left by the visitors to the site. The number 793 is the English gematria of 'Barack Hussein Obama'. This is the number that I used to crack the Antichrist code 10 years ago (it was discovered by Paul Black). Is this a reminder from God that time is short? Does it hint at the imminent rise of the Antichrist? Could the Trump clip point to the last trump at the rapture before the revealing of the lawless one?

The number 793 is the smoking gun. It is linked to the only four scriptures that record the number 666. The well known beast scripture, Re 13:18, is verse 30,927; it is 39 times 793. The remaining three verse numbers add to 41 times 793 (1 Ki 10:14, 2 Ch 9:13, Ezr 2:13; verse 9,094, verse 11,378, verse 12,041).

The number 793 has a lot more connections to 666. Chapter 793 of the Bible occupies a position that is 0.666 (793/1189; first 3 decimal digits). The only scripture with gematria value 666 is Num 10:20; add its chapter number 127 to 666, the sum becomes 793.

So far we have cited Biblical numbers to build our case. But the 666 mystery is shrouded too in math. Later in the post we will take a look at a stunning pattern linking both 666 and 793 in the star number series.

It turns out my August 'number' encounter actually confirms the identity of the Antichrist as concealed in the highlighted paragraph above. The two dates, Aug 2 & Aug 15, are tagged with 666 (clock timing 11:06 and 666 vacant lots). The perceptive reader may notice that Obama's birthday, Aug 4, is in the date range, nearer to the first date. Even though Obama's birthday is on the radar screen, we will exclude it for now in making our case for who the AC is (read to the end for the postscript).

There is another date which is key to the riddle. Let us call it DT0; it's my nomenclature for date-time zero. Using this naming convention, my first date-time Aug 2, 11:06 am is DT1 and the second date-time Aug 15, 11:06 pm is DT2. At DT1, I was first shown the double 666 sign at the car park. This was the trigger that started me thinking about the beast numbers. 13 days later at DT2, the penny dropped for me when the number 793 (BHO) appeared in a YouTube clip with Trump, the then leader of the free world. Don't forget Obama himself  'ruled the world' so to speak for eight years (2009 - 2017 Pax Americana). He is not a novice when it comes to ruling the world.

If this is an antichrist riddle, Obama is key. My time zone (SGT; GMT+08) is 18 hours ahead of Hawaii, the official birthplace of Obama. If we consider the start date-time DT1, when the Holy Spirit first alerted me to the beast number 666, what time was it in Hawaii time zone? Subtracting 18 hours from DT1, the date-time is DT0 -- Aug 1, 5:06 pm. The clock time 5:06 pm is 666 minutes past 6 am, the midday for a Jewish day. (A Jewish day begins at sunset 6 pm.)

From DT1 to DT2, there are 324 hours. Using an earlier start date-time (Hawaii time zone), from DT0 to DT2, there are 342 hours.

Watch this.

The sum of these two periods of time is 666 hours!

This is incredible! It is supernatural. There is no way anyone could have made this up.

You can see the uncanny correspondence with the highlighted paragraph above in cyan. The four 666 timings in minutes and hours (11:06 am, 11:06 pm, 5:06 pm; 666 hours) point to the four 666 scriptures (1 Ki 10:14, 2 Ch 9:13, Ezr 2:13, Re 13:18). The smoking-gun number 793, is a key number in both number sets (Biblical and Extrabiblical).

The Holy Spirit is deliberate in showing me these numbers. The time zone difference in minutes is 1080 minutes (between DT0/HST and DT1/SGT). This is the Greek gematria of 'The Holy Spirit'!

Not only that, the witness of the Lord Jesus in these numbers is evident!

666 hours = 39,960 minutes
39,960 = 37 times 1080 (Greek gematria of 'the Holy Spirit')
39,960 = 45 times 888 (Greek gematria of 'Jesus')
39,960 = 27 times 1480 (Greek gematria of 'Christ')

Any lingering doubt about the validity of the numbers should disappear if you consider the next coincidence. My time zone is +18 ahead of Hawaii and +5 ahead of Kenya, the suspected birthplace of Obama. Thus, Kenya is +13 ahead of Hawaii. The numbers +13 and +18 are straight out from Re 13:18, the beast scripture. Combining +5 with +18, the number 518 is the in-text value of Harpazo, the rapture (see link).

One more evidence and we are done (will save the star number series for another post). Let us take a look at the day number of the three key dates in 2020 (a leap year) when I was shown the numbers.

DT0: Aug 1, day 214
DT1: Aug 2, day 215
DT2: Aug 15, day 228

1 + 214 + 2 + 215 + 1+5 + 228 = 666    !!!!!!


The time is near!


PS: One more strange incidence is reported here as a postscript partly not to affect the main flow in the post. But it is no less intriguing. I viewed a YouTube clip by Amir Tsarfati on Aug 5, 9:14 pm; let this date-time be DT3. You can see why this is not part of the date-time triplet (DT0-DT2) since the time 9:14 is not related to 666 (11:06 or 5:06).

In the screenshot above, we find the number 793 for BHO and Obama's birthday Aug 4. Through our dear brother, Amir, in one fell swoop we captured the man and his birthday in the screenshot. Aug 4 is day 216, that is SIX times SIX times SIX; it is also the total number of Hebrew and Greek letters in the four 666 scriptures.

The time period between the start date-time DT1 to DT3 is 4928 minutes, which is the sum of 1080 (the Holy Spirit), 2368 (Jesus 888 Christ 1480), and 1480 (Christ) -- pointing to the amazing witness of the Spirit and Jesus. These are the same three factors that divide evenly into 39,960 (666 hours): 1080, 888, 1480.

Let me make one more observation for all it's worth. Tu B'Av was Aug 4/5, 2020 and the Hebrew gematria for bride is 55.