John Tng (11 July 2012)
"The Year of the Rapture (Part 2)"

Dear Doves,

Is the rapture finally going to happen this year? For the past 15 years, countless dates have come and gone, but the doves continue to watch and speculate. I had my fair share of date speculations, even though I lost steam a little the last few years. As recent as six months ago at the start of the year, I shared my belief in a 2012 rapture based on the number 823 God gave me on my birthday in 2010 (read Part1). The number is not just a number but has a Biblical basis. I knew the number was from God due to the intriguing circumstances surrounding my receiving it. Furthermore, I knew it is tied to my birthday on Nov 21 (1121). These two numbers, 823 and 1121, puzzled me for one whole year before I understood their prophetic link. Amazingly, both numbers point to the year 2012 when they are taken as Bible chapter numbers.

But I did not tell the full story. There was in fact a third number that puzzled me even more. I know it holds the key to solving the full riddle God has given me. It is a well-known number shared countless times on the doves site, one that continues to baffle inquisitive minds. The number is 234, given to Vincent Tan by an unnamed angel, most likely the archangel Gabriel. This number came right into my office cubicle as the node number of the wireless motion sensor installed in my cubicle for occupancy sensing; the motion sensor is a component in a energy saving pilot project my office has embarked on. When I saw the number, my jaw dropped. But I felt mixed feelings. One the one hand, I sensed that God was trying to tell me something BIG; on the other hand, I thought to myself, how am I going to fit the number 234 in the perfect double witness provided by the first two numbers pointing to 2012? It would be quite a tall order to square the number with the first two numbers.

The number 234 is the third clue because all three numbers are associated with my office cubicle (read Part1). Thankfully the number turned out to be the key that cracked the puzzle and all the pieces simply fell into place. The solution left me speechless and kept me wondering whether more divine confirmations are possible this side of the rapture. With that gung-ho note, let us hope for the best but don't go for broke. I am just sharing it the way I see it, but you be the judge.

The number 234 appears to be a time marker number. It is perhaps no coincidence that the current earth tilt is 23.4°. Is it a sign provided by God for watchers like us? To show you the significance of the number 234, let me start with the Bible chapter number 823. This chapter is chapter 2012 if you add 1189 chapters to it. We do that because there are only 1189 chapters in the Bible. To count to chapter 2012, we will have to count the Bible chapters more than once. Thus, 2012 chapters is the sum of 1189 chapters and 823 chapters.

But here is the astounding part. Centered at chapter 823, counting 234 chapters backward lands us on Psalm 112, the hidden prophecy psalm that points to year 2012! Counting 234 chapters forward lands us on Romans chapter 10, the 2012th chapter of the last twenty-two books (essentially letters) of the Bible!

ch 590 (Ps 112: year 2012)           ch 823 (year 2012)                 ch 1056 (year 2012)
<-----------  234 chapters ----------->       <---------  234 chapters --------->

[Note: There are 143 chapters in the last 22 books of the Bible. 2012 chapters = (143 x 14) + 10 chapters. Chapter 10 of the Book of Romans is chapter 1056 of the Bible.]

Together with the double witness provided by the first two numbers pointing to 2012, the number 234 adds another double witness pointing to 2012.

We now have a quadruple witness!


But as I said, the number 234 is a time marker number. It turns out the above triplet 590-823-1056 pointing to 2012 is not unique. There are altogether 48 such triplets spaced out by 234 chapters in-between. This unexpected numeric fact seemed to take the wind out of my sails as it implies that 2012 is just one out of 48 special years -- special but not unique .......... until I stumbled upon another huge discovery that is!

If you think about it, the number 234 is definitely a key number designed for watchers like us to unlock the secrets of the rapture timing. First, the 48 triplets prove the remarkable presence of divine design based on the number 234. Second, the 48 triplets accurately place us in the end times we are living in right now -- a small window of years within the vast span of the last 6,000 years. To be more precise, the 48 triplets point to the time window between 2003 and 2050, that is Psalm 103 and Psalm 150. Coupled with the current earth tilt of 23.4°, God seems to be telling us that we are in the right season for watching.

Before I share with you the huge discovery, I need to tell you that I believe the three numbers are given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of you are familiar with the number 3168. It is the Greek gematria value of LORD JESUS CHRIST. I am familiar with this number not just through extensive Bible numeric studies I engaged in, but through two personal experiences. Once I paid for a set of cookware my wife requested for without knowing the exact price. When the bill came, I was pleasantly surprised it was 3168 MYR ringgits. On another occasion, I received a classical guitar from my family as a birthday gift. It cost 316.8 SGD dollars!

So you see, I am very familiar with the number 3168. I am relating these experiences to you so that you know how the Lord uses this number to tell me He is with me. Now when I saw the number again on my calculator, to say I was shocked is an understatement in view of what I had already discovered and shared in the foregoing.

Let me reiterate how the numbers came to me. God gave me the number 823 on my birthday Nov 21; around this time in 2010 I was shifting into my new office. I discovered that my office cubicle number is 8 while my colleague who shares the same birthday as me occupies cubicle 23. This confirms for me the link between 823 and my birthday. Shortly after, the motion sensor was installed in my cubicle; its node number is 234.

The month-day number of my birthday, 1121, is chapter 2012 of the New Testament (read Part1). However, to my amazement, when I consider the day-month number instead, that is, 2111 (21 Nov), the sum of the three numbers God gave me add to 3168, the Greek gematria value of LORD JESUS CHRIST!

3168 = 823 + 234 + 2111

Truly Jesus is behind all the numbers and clues.

OK, let us go now to the huge discovery I made. Look at the 2012 triplet again:

ch 590 (Ps 112: year 2012)           ch 823 (year 2012)                 ch 1056 (year 2012)
<-----------  234 chapters ----------->       <---------  234 chapters --------->

Note that the 234 chapters are counted with inclusive reckoning. Due to inclusive counting, the center number 823 is counted twice. Add these seven numbers and be prepared for a surprise: 2012 + 590 + 823 + 823 + 1056 + 234 + 234. My heart stopped momentarily when I saw the sum on my calculator screen. The number displayed was 5772, the current Hebrew year that corresponds to the Gregorian year 2012!


Is this some kind of trickery or contrived number gymnastics? Well, count it for yourself. I did not make up the numbers. The numbers came to me and I tried to make sense of them. I think I have got them nailed.

The Gregorian and Hebrew years ONLY MATCHED in the case for the 2012 triplet! For example, take another triplet, say the 2013 triplet:

ch 591 (Ps 113: year 2013)           ch 824 (year 2013)                 ch 1057 (year 2013)
<-----------  234 chapters ----------->       <---------  234 chapters --------->

The sum of all seven numbers is 2013 + 591 + 824 + 1057 + 234 + 234 = 5777. This is the Hebrew year for the Gregorian year 2017, not 2013. You can easily see the phenomenon only works perfectly for the year 2012.

The question is: if the number 234 is established as a time marker, and if it carves out a time window of years between 2003 and 2050, and out of these 48 years, only the year 2012 has a perfect match between its Gregorian and Hebrew year numbers, so what does all that tell us?

It tells me God is telling us there is something very special about 2012. God says take a look at it. It tells me also the number 234 is very special. God says take a closer look at it.

I have some ideas regarding the precise date the number 234 is pointing to, but I shall take it up in another post (I believe the rapture will happen on Tu B'Av, Aug 2/3.) What I would like to leave you with now is: OK, well and good, there is definitely something special about 234 and 2012 / 5772. But what is the message? What event is it pointing to? How do we know it is a rapture code?

These are fair questions, the answers of which may be found in my upcoming post. I will be providing Biblical evidence for the date the number 234 is pointing to. However, for now, I can show you without a doubt, for me personally that is, that the message that God sent me is the rapture message.

Look at the three numbers that came to me: 823, 1121, and 234. Their average, 726, is the Strong's Number for HARPAZO, the catching away of the bride! Their sum, 2178, taken as a Bible chapter number, lands on chapter 989 on second reading. The Greek gematria value of HARPAZO is 989!

Tell me it's coincidence!

But it does not end there. Look at the alternate set of three numbers: 823, 2111, 234. The sum as you know is 3168, the Greek gematria value of LORD JESUS CHRIST. If we were to continue counting 3168 forward starting from chapter 989 where we left off above, surprise, surprise, we would eventually come to chapter 590, Psalm 112, the hidden prophecy psalm pointing to the year 2012!


What is happening?

Isn't this saying the HARPAZO will take place in the year 2012?

I sure hope this is the year we have been waiting for.

Lord, is this finally it?

Come, Lord Jesus!