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Dear Doves,

I believe the Lord has laid it on my heart to share some of the wonders of His mathematics in small soundbites, or rather numberbites, to enable more believers to understand God's use of numbers and to encourage them to seek His hidden treasures. I am not a 'professor' in the accepted sense of the word but my dictionary says a professor is one who openly declares belief in certain doctrines. It is my heart's desire to teach God's children some of these hidden wonders and I hope that you Doves will find blessings and inspiration through these daily offerings.

NUMBERBITE #0023 2006-11-01

Rapture confirmed in Genesis 1:1?




Is it possible that the very first word of the Bible hints that the date of the Rapture is confirmed in this opening verse? The first Hebrew word bereshith 'IN the beginning' has a gematria value of 913, the 756th composite number. The number 756 is the English gematria of 'RAPTURE'. The last word of this first verse is ha-aretz 'the earth'. The gematria of this word is 296, the 233rd composite number. The sum of the order numbers of the values of the first and last words of Genesis 1:1, 756 + 233, is 989 and this is the Greek gematria of 'HARPAZO'. In isolation, neither of these two facts would be particularly significant but seen together it seems to be too much of a coincidence!


The gematria of the first word 913 is a multiple of 11 (x 83), the month number in the currently much talked about date 11-8-2006. The gematria of the last word 296 is a multiple of 8 (x 37), the day number in 11-8-2006. The sum of the multipliers, 83 + 37, can be expressed as 20x06!!!


The first word, the one encoding the month number, has 6 letters and the first letter has a value of 2. The product of the number of letters of this first word and the value of the first letter is 12, the number of months in a year.


The last word, the one encoding the day number, has 4 letters and the last letter has a value of 90. The product of the number of letters of this last word and the value of the last letter is 360, the number of days in a prophetic year. The day number 8 x the first letter value 5 x the last letter value 90 x the number of letters 4 is equal to 14,400, the exact number of days from 6-7-1967, the Six Day War, to 11-8-2006 the Rapture?








Praise the LORD, the Wonderful Numberer, JESUS CHRIST!