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Dear Doves,

I believe the Lord has laid it on my heart to share some of the wonders of His mathematics in small soundbites, or rather numberbites, to enable more believers to understand God's use of numbers and to encourage them to seek His hidden treasures. I am not a 'professor' in the accepted sense of the word but my dictionary says a professor is one who openly declares belief in certain doctrines. It is my heart's desire to teach God's children some of these hidden wonders and I hope that you Doves will find blessings and inspiration through these daily offerings.

NUMBERBITE #0022 2006-10-30

The 2nd and 11th Month




In English gematria, the values of the words for the first 12 (number of months) ordinal numbers are:


FIRST 405, SECOND 222, THIRD 311, FOURTH 664, FIFTH 229, SIXTH 917, SEVENTH 768, EIGHTH 237, NINTH 317, TENTH 463, ELEVENTH 703, TWELFTH 949.


The figures highlighted in red, 222 and 703, are multiples of 37, the 'number of God' that is so prolific in Genesis 1:1 and in the names and titles of our Lord Jesus Christ. Two occurrences of a multiple of 37 in a random set of 12 numbers is over 6 times what might be expected! The Gregorian date 11-8-2006 and its Hebrew equivalent 2-17-5767 is much in the Dove's news right now. It seems incredible that the month in the Gregorian date is the 11th and in the Hebrew date the 2nd and that these two figures are precisely the ordinal word values that are multiples of 37! Surely this is beyond mere chance or coincidence? The idea of chance diminishes even more when these two multiples are added together for 222 + 703 equals 925, the gematria of ' JESUS CHRIST ' in English.


We're talking about the word 'MONTH' here and this has an English gematria value of 358, equivalent to the Hebrew gematria of 'MESSIAH' which makes the order numbers of the Gregorian and Hebrew months seem even more poignant. The value of 'ELEVENTH' 703 is the Hebrew gematria of the last two words of Genesis 1:1 'AND THE EARTH' and of 'MESSIAH THE PRINCE' (Dan 9:25) in English gematria. The number 222 is the value of 'CHARIOT' and of 'THE VOICE OF GOD' (see Bible Wheel gematria reference).


This year November 8th falls on a Wednesday and this is the only weekday that has a gematria that is a multiple of 37, its value being 1369 or 37 x 37! Furthermore, November 8th 2006 is the second Wednesday in the month and 'second Wednesday' has a gematria equal to 1591 that clusters (numberbite #0011) to 592, the Greek gematria of GODHEAD and a multiple of 37.


It seems that in God's mathematics one of the functions of 37 is to confirm something. The information here, coupled with the amazing, mind-boggling data in John Tng's 'Rapture 2006?' series and his Rapturettes, surely points to a November 8th Rapture! Amen, come Lord Jesus!







Praise the LORD, the Wonderful Numberer, JESUS CHRIST!