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Dear Doves,

I believe the Lord has laid it on my heart to share some of the wonders of His mathematics in small soundbites, or rather numberbites, to enable more believers to understand God's use of numbers and to encourage them to seek His hidden treasures. I am not a 'professor' in the accepted sense of the word but my dictionary says a professor is one who openly declares belief in certain doctrines. It is my heart's desire to teach God's children some of these hidden wonders and I hope that you Doves will find blessings and inspiration through these daily offerings.

NUMBERBITE #0017 2006-10-24

The Amazing Transit of Mercury, 2006


On Wednesday, November 8th 2006, the relatively rare astronomical event of a transit of Mercury will occur. This link shows an animated picture of what it will look like.

More information from NASA here:


This table from the NASA site shows the event times of the transit:

Geocentric Phases of the 2006 Transit of Mercury


Universal Time

Position Angle




Contact I



Contact II



Greatest Transit



Contact III



Contact IV





The 24 hour clock times of hours and minutes are: 19:12, 19:13, 21:41, 00:08, 00:10


Removing the colons, the figures 1912 + 1913 + 2141 + 0008 + 0010 total 5984. This figure is equal to 217 + 5767, the Jewish date of the transit, Chesvan 17, 5767!


The sum of the odd clock time values 1913 + 2141 is 4054. The sum of the even clock time values is 1912 + 0008 + 0010 and that is 1930. The difference between the odd and even values, 4054 - 1930, is 2124. This figure is equal to 118 + 2006, the Gregorian date of the transit, November 8, 2006!


The string of the five time values 19121913214100080010 clusters (numberbite #0011) to 458. (19 + 121 + 913 + 214 + 100 + 080 + 010 = 1457, 1 + 457 = 458). Amazingly, the figure 458 is a digital representation of the duration of the transit of 4 hours and 58 minutes!


Just to recap, the 5 event time figures relate to both the Jewish and Gregorian dates of this transit of Mercury and to the duration of the transit. The data is absolutely mind-boggling and surely by design.


The gematria of the Hebrew 'BRIDEGROOM' is 458. The sum of the even clock time values 1930 is equal to 5 (GRACE) x 386 YESHUA. The even values occur at contact I, III and IV, and the sum of these Roman numerals is 8, the dominical number of JESUS. The first and last position angles, 141 and 269, sum to 410, the English gematria of CHRIST. When 5984 (sum of time values) is clustered it becomes 989, the value of the Greek word 'HARPAZO' = RAPTURE!







Praise the LORD, the Wonderful Numberer, JESUS CHRIST!