Steve Coerper (25 Sep 2017)
"Late-to-the-party required reading"

Does Revelation 6:15 come to mind, maybe a little bit??  NOTE:  NY Times, - not "National Enquirer" or some cheap tabloid.  Apparently, rich people are taking this seriously, and very rich people are taking this VERY seriously:

President Trump threatens to “totally destroy North Korea.” Another hurricane lashes out. A second monster earthquake jolts Mexico. Terrorists strike in London. And that’s just this past week or so.

Yes, the world is clearly coming to an end. But is there anything you can do to prepare?

That is not a philosophical question, or a theological one. And if it is a question that seems to beg any explication, you may stop reading now.

But if you are among the swelling class of weekend paranoiacs of affluent means who are starting to mull fantasies of urban escape following the endless headlines about disasters, both natural and manufactured, you may be starting to see a different image in your mind when think “survivalist.” You may no longer see the wild-eyed cave dweller in camouflage fatigues, hoarding canned goods. You may even see one in the mirror.

In a world where the bombproof bunker has replaced the Tesla as the hot status symbol for young Silicon Valley plutocrats, everyone, it seems, is a “prepper,” even if the “prep” in question just means he is stashing a well-stocked “bug-out bag” alongside his Louis Vuitton luggage in a Range Rover pointed toward Litchfield County, Conn. Here is a checklist for the neo-survivalist preparing for the apocalypse.

The point is not that "the end is near."  We've pretty much figured that out.  The question is:  how does one prepare for it??

"Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!" Revelation 7:10